Technical services

We could become your best ally through our full range of professional services. Our team of highly specialized engineers would provide you with best networking, wireless infrastructure, energy, security and software solutions.

Whether your IT infrastructure needs upgrading or you need to troubleshoot an existing problem, we offer services to enhance your IT security, maintain your network infrastructure and provide the necessary tools for your company to grow.

Presales Design

Let our experts handle your needs! We identify best of breed technology to build a top-tier tailored solution, with affordable prices

PreConfigured Systems

Product installation and configuration is no trivial task, even for seasoned network engineers. Forget spending hours reading the documentation – with this great service, solutions are now truly plug-and-play. This is a very popular option for companies deploying appliances to remote locations.

Save yourself the time of configuring your appliance by purchasing it pre-configured from Globenet International Corp.

Installation & Support

Services include, but are not limited to: