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How to get people to know you on the social networks?

If your business is present in social networks, do not forget to choose those that best contribute to your interests.

Social networks have become a very effective communication channel for the business sector. They are powerful symbolic spaces with potential for e-commerce, with greater scope and coverage than the traditional media and zero space / time limitations.

However, it is not easy to be legitimized in this environment.  Getting a company to have visibility and followers on the social networks is not easy.  It requires a digital marketing strategy that includes creative content, interesting for the target public.  Technology specialist and director of Globenet International Corp., MSc. Ahmed Cruz ponders on this issue.

If it comes to profits…

“Whenever we decide to insert our brand on social networks, we must keep our profile updated and dynamic. If we create content on a regular basis, we can get an audience to follow us. Then we can retain these followers and turn them into customers in different ways: placing ads, publishing links to shopping sites that give us a commission for it… ”

When monetizing the account it is necessary to take extreme measures to avoid scams. This expert recommends safer methods, as PayPal, which allows money transfers between users with the use of the email.

There are currently over 50 social networks of different profile and different characteristics, but that does not mean that a company has to be in all of them.  The idea is to consider which one should be boosted, always for the benefit of brand image.


“Advertising on social networks is so effective that it has gotten to be the number one tool of sales over the television, radio and newspaper ads.  It is necessary to be extremely careful on issues of copyright: to respect content that is not yours, and when using, you must give them all the credit, because a social networking account can be penalized for copyright issues.”

Important suggestions…

Globenet International suggests other tips for a business to generate loyalty on social networks. It is true that the more followers, the more likely to socialize your messages. However, having a large community does not necessarily compromise it. It is better to have a segment of active public, which share and comment on our posts. That ultimately will provide more and will be more profitable.

It is not advisable to venture into this environment without thinking of a marketing strategy. It is also not advisable either to forget the public segmentation by age, interests, and geographic location.

These socialization tools refer “organic” profits for a company, that is to say, without having to pay for advertising and directly affecting the ranking in search engine; therefore, they are twice as profitable.

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