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Now you can stop attacks on business SaaS applications with Check Point’s CloudGuard

When your employees use any of the Office 365 applications to work without proper security or when they use the same passwords in both their personal and corporate accounts they are putting your company’s business data at risk of attack.

The good news is that there is a way to protect all the business applications that your employees use in the Cloud in order to shield the security of your business data.

Check Point has a solution that has been successfully tested in the market. It is called CloudGuard SaaS and is a cloud service that prevents attacks on enterprise SaaS applications, blocks cybercriminals from taking over employees’ accounts and provides data security for SaaS applications. The solution supports a multitude of enterprise SaaS applications as Microsoft Office 365, Google G-Suite, BOX, Citrix ShareFile and more.

Let’s see how CloudGuard SaaS manages to block attacks on SaaS applications:

  • Identity Protection: Prevent account takeovers with ID-Guard technology
  • Zero-day threat protection within SaaS environments and mailboxes
  • DLP ensures that data is not leaked through your SaaS application
  • Provides a layer of data encryption within your SaaS storage
  • CloudGuardSaaS enables consistent security between mobile, cloud and on premise
  • It creates a quarantine area for release of documents, emails or attachments
  • It has multiple apps to integrate with

CloudGuard SaaS leverages Check Point SandBlast Threat Emulation and Threat Extraction technologies to deliver clean files to users in 1.5 seconds, with the best capture rate in the industry, recognized by NSS Labs as the most effective in preventing violations.

Benefits of Check Point CloudGuard SaaS:

  • Prevents attacks on enterprise SaaS applications, within minutes’ deployment
  • Prevents malware and zero-day threats from getting into SaaS apps
  • Blocks cybercriminals from taking over employee SaaS accounts with ID-Guard
  • Protects organizations by blocking sensitive data sharing
  • Provides full security coverage with synced policies and unified management
  • Protects organizations by forcing encryption 

There is no doubt that the use of SaaS applications is becoming an ideal target for hackers attempting to violate corporate data. Through a study Check Point could prove that 90% of SaaS violations are caused by piracy. Even 50 percent of violations occur due to the takeover of employee SaaS accounts, which generates external threats and, specifically, the takeover of the account, as the greatest risk for the use of SaaS applications.

Don’t let your employees be the gateway to future eventualities! Check Point CloudGuard SaaS is a comprehensive solution to provide complete protection in Office 365 and G Suite, blocking attacks from sophisticated phishing to business emails and blocking malware without impacting productivity.

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