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With these trips you will promote your corporate profile on Twitter

Twitter is a great tool to achieve success in your business

Twitter is a great tool to achieve success in your business. The fast and constant dissemination of content and interaction with the audience returns a systematic traffic to your website because, unlike other more segmented social networks such as LinkedIn, Twitter has a great diversity of users, which allows you to give more visibility to your business.

If you have not yet decided, you should know that your company is losing a great opportunity to get leads, web traffic and potential customers.

Once you have a presence on Twitter, do not forget these trips that will make your Marketing strategies infallible in this social network.

  • Tweet interesting content: Twitter flows very quickly, so if you do not constantly post content your followers will not see you in their timelines. Post at least several times during the day and at strategic times, depending on what your metrics show. Here’s a vital advice… do not publish content about your brand all the time, because you can bore your followers. Try to post discounts, success stories, tips, product premiere. Do not forget to pay attention to language and form, lean on gifs, short videos and images of high quality.
  • Use the #hashtags wisely: Content searches by keywords are widely used on Twitter. #Hashtags help users classify certain types of information. You have to be aware of the most used #hashtags within your sector. This way you will be providing content and you will appear frequently among the followers that make a search. You can create your own keywords to target potential followers that interact with that tag. Be original and think of something that generates debate and participation so that more followers give you a follow.
  • Interact always: Respond to their comments, retweet messages, offer them prizes and discounts through @mentions. Locate certain influencers in your sector and invite them to dialogue by mentioning them in relation to an interesting topic involving them. Remember that your followers will be more interested if they see that you take them into account, and that you set aside a few minutes to interact with them.
  • Activate Twitter Cards: This feature that you must enable on your website with the help of a webmaster will allow you to include an image in the links you post on Twitter. Remember that visuality always makes content more attractive.
  • Introduce advertising with great caution: If you use software to automatically place content, try not to use it to advertise. Better uses retargeting which offers advertising only for some users in a personalized manner. This way you avoid stopped being followed due to invasion of advertising. Do not advertise too obvious, try to offer something original that shows that your offers will be advantageous for customers. 
  • Return the Follow: Twitter has a limited number of people to follow, but they have to return the follow-up especially to those who share your content, also to strategic partners, potential clients and influencers of your sector.
  • Do not forget to measure your actions: Metrics will always be your biggest ally. They are the ones who dictate what is good and what is not. You can use the help of Twitter Analytics to know the most committed followers. Anyway, the metrics are handled according to your interests, but never neglect them because they will help you measure your reach.

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