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What type of video surveillance camera should you use to take care of your business?

4K Video Cameras, PTZ Cameras, Mini Dome Cameras, Hidden Cameras… The constant progress of technology has made the market full of security and inspection products by cameras. Therefore, sometimes it is not easy to know exactly the differences between each of the cameras and which one is the best for your needs.

Before placing a video surveillance camera in your business premises, first make sure you know what type of control you need and what areas you must protect: Do you need to control the entry of people?, or have a monitoring system against theft? Will the camera capture images where there is natural or artificial lighting?

Here are some of the most commonly used video surveillance cameras so that you can choose according to your objectives:

Mini Dome IP cameras

Mini Dome IP Cameras: If you need a discreet camera, easy to install and with a wide opening angle, this is a great option to watch over stores, businesses, warehouses and offices. You can place it on any ceiling and it goes unnoticed. It also allows you to change its orientation without having to disassemble it, just by rotating its lens manually. The IP Mino Dome cameras can capture video and images and can have night vision. They provide clear, sharp images in any type of lighting, natural or artificial.

PTZ cameras

PTZ cameras: IP cameras with PTZ technology (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) take pictures around two axes (horizontal and vertical) and can zoom in to cover large perimeters in real time. They are ideal for capturing high-quality images with a high level of detail. They incorporate a variety of intelligent functions and can move in positions that you predefine or take automatic zoom shots of any anomaly. One of the most valued intelligent functions in PTZ cameras is the auto-tracking function that allows you to automatically detect the movement of a person or object and follow it within the coverage area of the camera.

Infrared cameras

Infrared cameras: Widely used in spaces with poor lighting. Normally they record all day and at night they automatically turn on their infrared with a black and white vision. It works even in total darkness, because it uses the thermal energy of the bodies it detects, turning them into images visible to the human eye. Infrared light is very valuable for covering large dark areas, parking lots and warehouses. These cameras can even go where intruders think they are not seen, such as dark corners, or behind trees because infrared illuminators can simply capture them through heat sensors.

IP cameras

IP Cameras: Currently they are among the most used video surveillance cameras, as they connect directly to the Internet showing the image that you see, even some incorporate WiFi to operate them remotely from a computer or mobile device. This makes it possible to monitor the images from anywhere and in real time. This type of intelligent video surveillance cameras, being wireless, have their own short frequency network, which prevents thieves from disconnecting them with frequency inhibitors.
You already have some clues for your next investment in video surveillance cameras and inspection systems in your business locations. But if you need specialized help to install video surveillance cameras at home or in your business, consult with our company.

Globenet International and its extensive network of experts are ready to evaluate your case and design the optimal solution with on-site installation and after-sales support. Remember that you can contact us 24 hours a day, seven days a week!