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Follow up these tips if you want to improve your website’s SEO for mobile

Optimization of mobile websites

It’s hard to believe that there are still many companies in the world that have not even thought about optimizing their mobile website as part of their Digital Marketing strategies.  If we still are not aware of the fact that a large number of users browse from mobile devices we will be completely turning our backs on reality.

In order to move to digital platforms many sites use responsive design, in which all the elements such as typography, images, content and structure are adapted according to the device from where you are browsing.  Certain elements can even be changed or deleted to make browsing from mobile devices easier.

However, some people prefer to launch a mobile version of the website.  But, as in these cases Google will be interpreting that there are two URLs, we will have to work hard if we want to keep the two sites positioned.  In Globenet International Corp we tell you about some tips so that your website is adapted as best as possible to mobile platforms while being optimized for browsers.

  • Use a mobile site map: If you have not thought about it, do it now. Creating a mobile site map and then uploading it from Google Webmaster Tools will make Google to index the mobile version you created from your website faster.
  • Avoid 404 errors: When companies create their website’s mobile version they often forget that all website pages in the “desktop” version must have a “mobile” alternative. Not doing so means that the pages are not available and the unfortunate Error 404 appears. 
  • Do not stop using canonical URLs: Google is not very sympathetic to websites with duplicate URLs. If you plan to have a desktop website and another for mobile, the advice will be to establish a canonical URL for the desktop version in order to avoid having two identical websites.
  •  Optimize load speed: For users, a website’s load time is very important, especially when browsing from a mobile device. That is why it is essential that you optimize your website’s resources to minimize load times. During this process of optimization you should prioritize the text since it weighs less and is almost always one of the crucial elements.  Do not forget to simplify the JavaScript and CSS actions and avoid the use of Flash Player at all costs because it threatens the performance and load speed.  Have a better use of all benefits of HTML5 to be up to modern websites.
  • Do not forget to use the “canonical” and “alternate media” tags: We certainly do not want Google to position our mobile website over the one made for desktop. To prevent this from happening, the “rel=canonical” and “rel=alternate media” meta tags will help you. The first one must be placed on all the pages of the mobile version that point to their respective pages in the desktop version.  On the other hand, the “rel=alternate media” meta tag will have to be used in the desktop version, always indicating the maximum size that will appear in the mobile version.

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