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VMware and its improvements to the cloud management platform 2019

VMware and its improvements to the cloud management platform 2019

Globenet International has in its line of solutions to this provider and as such we are aware of the latest upgrades of the VMware. Globenet thinks about its customers, believes in the goals of the companies and makes available the best solutions. Today we bring the latest VMware readjustments

We recently learned about the latest innovations in the hybrid cloud portfolio of infrastructure and management software for the digital transformation of companies. Among the innovations is the new edition of VMware vSphere Platinum, which includes AppDefense to offer users a simple and powerful way to better secure applications, infrastructures, data and access.

A successful company requires a flexible and secure digital foundation. The security, mobility and interoperable cloud software solutions form a flexible and secure digital base that allows users to respond to new opportunities and threats and present applications for all devices and all clouds.

“The needs and priorities of our customers do not stop growing, so we focus on innovations that provide them with a digital foundation that meets their future needs and we create fundamental connections that will help them get the most out of the investments made in existing IT “Said Rajiv Ramaswami, Cloud Operations, Products and Services Director, VMware. 

VMware vSphere Platinum

Threats are a continuous activity, as well as regulatory pressure to control risks. Given this, organizations leave aside the specific security tools and look for solutions of embedded infrastructures. VMware vSphere Platinum offers a broad and intrinsic security to protect applications, infrastructures, data and access in the digital pillars of users. As a novelty in this edition, the native security features of vSphere will be combined with VMware AppDefense resulting in advanced security features for fully integrated hypervisor applications. In addition, the new solution will allow vSphere administrators to present more secure infrastructures and applications through machine learning and behavior analysis.

Connecting and protecting apps, data and users

Digital companies demand a new type of network – Virtual Cloud Network – that connects and protects applications, data and users, wherever they are located, regardless of whether the underlying infrastructure is physical or cloud. VMware NSX and the security portfolio offer robust and dominant connectivity and security for applications and data in data centers defined by software, branches, clouds, telco environments and empowers users to create a virtual cloud network today through a digital business fabric based on open software, programmable and safe by nature.

VMware now extends its NSX multicloud security and connection to more clouds and environments, with support for workloads in AWS, Azure, VMware Cloud in AWS, internal software defined data centers and for containerized and Linux-based workloads in servers non-virtual without hypervisor. Users can now accelerate the planning and development of micro-segmentation, plan migration and achieve operational information to manage, scale and respond to VMware NSX cloud-based developments. This solution is available for internal softwares, as well as SaaS, with the same features in both versions.

More news

The company will also present vSphere 6.7 Update 1, which will bring new features and improvements, mainly, vSphere Client based on full HTML5 to help administrators manage their virtual infrastructure. In addition, vSphere 6.7 Update 1 will increase support for intelligent workloads through vMotion and snapshot features for NVIDIA GRID vGPUs.

VMware has also announced new features and increased availability for VMware Skyline, its innovative proactive support technology that helps users work with VMware environments with increased reliability, security and performance. Presented at VMworld 2017, Skyline is now available worldwide for Production Support and Premier Services customers in English. Skyline supports vSphere, NSX and now also VMware vSAN with other products that will be added in the future. 

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