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How to be successful in your next Viral Marketing campaign?

Viral Marketing can have a great impact on B2C communication models

Campaigns such as Getting a car for 13 thousand bucks or perhaps the one carried out by Sony where the death of two buyers for the last unit of PlayStation 3 on the day of its release went viral.

Viralizing content has become very effective in the sphere of Online Marketing. The ways to do so are usually very varied, but those with the greatest impact are the ones using interactive videos, memes or animated gifs to spread the word about a certain message. That is what viral marketing is about: getting people to socialize your message thanks to that fun and interesting content you are promoting.

Social networks and the use of navigation through mobile networks have allowed companies to distribute viral self-replicating contents to attain greater brand awareness or brand recognition. Viral Marketing can bring you great value in order to achieve great impact in the Business to Customer (B2C) communication models thanks to a greater interaction with your consumers.

If you are thinking about how to do so, here are some suggestions that can help you succeed in your next Viral Marketing campaign:

  1. Generate influence through unusual stories: Try to find stories that arose emotions in the search for creating links with your brand. This type of strategy is being imposed because of its wide impact and benefit. Remember that the main objective of Viral Marketing is that you get a lot of potential from interested clients through a low cost way like this.
  2. Use social networks wisely: The best way to viralize contents is through social networks, but using them wisely. The same content not always has to be shown in the same way in all networks. Choose creative ways to distribute that content. At the end, the key is that users share opinions about your brand, comment on their experiences with the products and express their consumption preferences.
  3. Use viral campaigns of type “Pass it on”: As it happens in the chain letters where it is encouraged to pass certain message to other users. You could design a viral marketing campaign in the same way, just do it through other creative forms like short funny video clips, animated gifs, among others. Think about it! This type of campaigns, if well used, can make the number of people receiving your message greater than those who saw the ad in its original form.
  4. Make users invite others: Without realizing it, people on the Internet tend to create a kind of database with those contacts that are familiar to them. This interaction generated among them is something like a small community, very useful for spreading viral and self-replicated chain of contacts. In these cases advertising grows naturally and reaches a greater number of people.

As you can see, Viral Marketing can become a very useful tool to study and investigate the market and to have a massive impact on it. Knowing the consumer directly through viral marketing campaigns will allow you to better define your audience and the most effective ways to reach them.

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