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5 essential tools of White Hat SEO to position your web

The white hat SEO tools are safer

The word SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is very fashionable, and that is that we are in the era of information superabundance on the web, where search engines continue to impose more and more rules for positioning. Just think about the constant updates that Google has done Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird algorithms, the latter of great value, especially in times when search engines are leaning more to measure the user experience and the semantic comprehension of web pages. 

White Hat SEO vs Black Hat SEO

Some websites take months or even years to make their websites have some visibility. So, many of them end up paying or in the worst case going to unethical practices with Black Hat SEO techniques. The Black Hat tools certainly produce immediate results, but at what cost? Violating the rules of the search engines to improve the visibility of a site, bringing with it serious penalties. Search engines do not admit that someone is making fun of them with Spamming Keywords, Cloacking, Backdoors, hidden texts and paid links techniques. The consequences in the worst case is usually expulsion.

With white hat SEO tools, it requires a great deal of patience, but you will be navigating a more secure path, with consistent and stable results. Google has thousands of algorithms to establish the positioning, but from Globenet International we propose you these  White Hat SEO tools that may help you:

  1. Take care of your Keywords: There are several criteria that bet on the use of Long tail keywords or what is the same long tail tags. That means that the use of several keywords will help more in the experience of the users that can reach your content, through different search terms. Search engine algorithms are also paying close attention to the synonyms of words and certain relevant phrases. The main thing is that when you choose your keywords are very well related to the context of what you are presenting.
  2.  Think of a good Content Marketing: As many claim “content is still king”. The search engines are giving a lot of relevance to the quality of the content and the interaction of users with it. In the past, search engines took into account the number of times a word was repeated, but that has changed. Now in addition to measuring the quality of a content, regularity is also analyzed and if they have other values such as images, videos, infographics, animations or social network links. The formulas are simple: Know your audience and show them a content that is useful and interesting.
  3. Get more Link Building naturally: Although many claim that Google is preferring more quality of content than external references to your website, it must be said that the technique of getting links for positioning has not completely died … It will always be good that others referencing your work. To do so, just try to prevent these links from being paid, because junk links will be created and Google will notice. Do it naturally, send courtesy invitations to other websites in your sector telling them that they are already linked to your website. That is how they are likely to return the favor.
  4. Web Design does count: Interaction and user experience is increasingly important for search engines. So it is vital to have an optimized web design that facilitates the search for them, but also the search engines with better support for the structure of the sitemap.
  5. Mobile adaptability: Every day the number of users browsing through mobile devices grows. Therefore, Google has given several ultimatums for websites, and the most recent was in 2017 when he said: “Those webs that its content is not accessible from devices mobile, are sentenced and cannot dream of a good position in search engines.” If you still do not have a responsive web design, try to create a single version in HTML and CSS so that your website can adapt correctly to all screen resolutions of any device.

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