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How to use Instagram for your business?

Instagram is a good space to emotionally connect with your customers.

Many people see Instagram as a closed niche, where users just hang their photos and have fun with their alter ego, adding vintage style filters, frames and colors. However, as a company you should consider that more than 600 million users participate in this social network because visuality attracts a lot. So this is a good space to emotionally connect with your customers. How? … You just have to treat your message differently than you do in other networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn).

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words… Well, Instagram is a powerful tool to attract customers, intelligently promote your products and do branding without having to spend on advertising.

If you want to know how to make your Instagram business profile successful, follow these tips:

  1. Promote your achievements more than your products: Customers will not be attracted just because you show them an image of your offers. You should better explain in images what they can achieve with your products. User experiences attract much more because they demonstrate the real value of things. For example, if you sell hair products, show a before and after with a model. You have to prove to them that it is really worth investing in you.
  2. Do not just talk about your brand: Humanizing is one of the best ways to gain followers in social networks. Followers have to feel that behind your business there are people who think about all their interests. If you do not have the time, rely on a professional to keep the profile updated with visually fresh content where you post news about your brand, useful tips, attractive offers of coupons, discounts and even entertaining images that have nothing to do with what you do, so that do not run the risk of boredom. You can upload photos, gifs or 1-minute short videos. Users are interested in knowing who the people behind a brand are. Show them who they are in a fun way with filters, texts, stickers. You can also teach them how you make your products, what materials you use to make them, how you distribute them, how it is easier to access them.
  3. Make them find you: When you upload a photo or other visual content, be sure to select Enable Geotag, that is, always mention the place where it was taken. This geolocation option will improve the visibility of your business and the SEO of your website. Do not saturate the use of #hashtags to not tire, but be sure to use those that are trends to position your content and gain relevance.
  4. Interact with your followers: Socializing is the key to success in all social networks. If you want people to follow you, follow them too and make sure you look for regular customers, influencers, celebrities, famous people, because they have a lot of followers. Give a Like to their publications, share them, comment on them, tag them so you can get users involved and participate, respond to their messages, mention them using “@”. Only then you will be able to connect with them.

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