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The best PLCs to extend the coverage of your WiFi: Recommendations

Having WiFi throughout the home is certainly a great convenience, but sometimes the wireless connection does not reach all parts of the house with enough power. And although this may be normal, you should know that one of the best ways to solve this problem is through a PLC (Power Line Communications) or WiFi signal amplifiers as it is also known.

This type of device uses electrical power to enable data transmission from one point to another, so that areas with lower connection density have better data coverage. Usually a main PLC is used, which is connected to a router and the power, and another one is connected to the power in another room and acts as a kind of access point.

There are PLCs with WiFi connectivity and without a wireless connection, but this does not mean that one is better than the other. The most complete PLC is the one that, besides RJ45 connections, also implements WiFi connectivity. Tis way we can extend the wired network coverage of the router and, at the same time, expand the wireless coverage.

There are many WiFi network amplifiers on the market, but bear in mind that, before deciding on one, there are a number of key aspects that any PLC you choose should have:

Speed: The maximum bandwidth is measured, for example, with the initials AV2000, which indicate the speed in Gbps reached by a PLC to achieve the best performance. It is always recommended that the PLC class is AV1000 or higher, this means that theoretically we can achieve 1Gbps speed or more.

Ethernet ports: Almost all WiFi signal amplifiers are Ethernet compatible, although many come with WiFi connectivity as well so that we can use it with larger devices. Gigabit Ethernet switch are important if you want to get more speed and also help avoid 100Mbps (Fast-Ethernet) bottleneck network problems. The number of ports is also important for connecting multiple devices via cable, if required.

WiFi Class: You must pay attention to the WiFi class that the PLC you choose has, this means paying attention to the sum speed of the different WiFi frequency bands. The higher the WiFi class number (e.g. AC1200), the better the performance. The PLC you buy is recommended to be higher than class AC750.

Electric socket at its front surface: This aspect is key, as several specialists recommend that we should never connect a PLC to a multi-socket electrical extension because it could cause cuts and low speeds.

Best PLCs on the market: Recommendations

PLC device, NetGear PLW1000

NetGear PLW1000: This PLC is a good choice in case you need an amplifier with WiFi connectivity. It offers good speed over Ethernet. It emits in the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands separately.

PLC device, TP-Link TL-PA9020

TP-Link TL-PA9020: A model without plug and WiFi, but it is ideal if you want to access the highest possible speed. TP-Link TL-PA9020 is the one that best takes advantage of speed and gives us higher results regardless of location. It has two Gigabit ports, so you can connect a computer and a laptop simultaneously. If you value wired speed over WiFi connectivity, the TL-PA9020 TP-Link is the device to connect.

PLC device, Asus PL-N12

Asus PL-N12 (AV500 + N300): It has built-in WiFi and is one of the most economical on the market, although its speed remains at 500 Mbps over a power line, and the WiFi connection is only in the 2.4 GHz frequency at about 300 Mbps maximum.

PLC device, NETGEAR PLW1000

NETGEAR PLW1000 (AV1000 + AC1000): It has one RJ45 port for each adapter and 1000 Mbps bandwidth. The extension adapter has Dual-Band WiFi connectivity.

PLC device, Asus PL-AC56

Asus PL-AC56 (AV1200 + AC1200): The second adapter has 3 RJ45 Gigabit LAN ports equipped with AES 128bit encryption. While WiFi coverage operates on 2.4 GHz at 300 Mbps and on 5 GHz at 867 Mbps.

PLC device, AVM FRITZ! Powerline 1260E

AVM FRITZ! Powerline 1260E (AV1200 + AC1200): It exceeds 1000 Mbps. This time, the version comes with AV 1200 and double Gigabit Ethernet connection in the second adapter. The bandwidth and WiFi configuration do not vary with respect to the other AC1200 models.

PLC device, Devolo 9381 dLAN

Devolo 9381 dLAN (AV1200 + AC1200): This is one of the best-selling and most recognized PLCs. Its second adapter features dual Gigabit Ethernet connectivity as well as Dual-Band WiFi AC1200 with MIMO or HomePlug AV2 technology.

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