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Synology FS3600: Accelerate your business with this 24-Bay NAS

Synology FS3600: Accelerate your business with this 24-Bay NAS

The opportunity you’ve been waiting for to increase the performance of your sensitive applications whether they are databases or virtualization applications! The NAS Synology FS3600 achieves these and other features that you can learn about from our blog.  

The FS3600 is built on the award-winning DiskStation Manager operating system and will help you simplify data management, all from a very intuitive and efficient user interface.

Synology FS3600: Accelerate your business with this 24-Bay NAS

ALT: Synology FS3600: Accelerate your business with this 24-Bay NAS 

What can you get with the FS3600 NAS?

It is an all-flash solution offering more than 195,000 iSCSI 4K random write IOPS1, ideal for enterprises looking for high speed and fast response under intensive workloads.

FS3600 is 10GbE-ready and is easily integrated to businesses’ existing LAN environment. It also supports easy storage capacity with expansion using Synology Expansion Unit FX2421 / RX1217sas2, without removing existing data or installing additional management software.

It offers a fully certified virtualization solution with support for VMware® vSphere ™, Microsoft® Hyper-V®, Citrix® XenServer ™ and OpenStack® Cinder. In addition, it supports iSCSI and NFS protocols and integrates with VMware VAAI and Microsoft ODX.

Some extra advantages for administrators…

IT administrators can efficiently manage virtualized workloads, using Synology’s intuitive system as well as add-on plugins for VMware and Windows Environments.

FS3600 brings thoughtful software and hardware integration to ensure a high standard of system availability if a disaster or major outage occurs.

– Synology High Availability provides fast transitions between clustered servers to keep services online.

– Snapshot replication provides schedulable, near-instantaneous data protection with version-control, ensuring that virtual machines on iSCSI LUNs remain s and available.

– Redundant components, including power supply units, system fans, and network ports support automatic failover to eliminate single points of hardware failure.

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