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What the switch virtualization trend all about?

Open vSwitch is open source software that acts as a virtual switch in environments of virtualized servers.

Networking virtualization has become the choice of quite a lot of companies in the world, because with cloud services many physical limitations are eliminated, so it makes it an extremely flexible solution.

The trend toward virtualization of platforms, software and infrastructure is already well under way.  Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are increasingly seeking for solutions based on cloud computing services to solve technological challenges, reduce costs and achieve new efficiency levels.

The point is that Cloud Computing is based on a dynamic technological infrastructure that has a high degree of automation, not to mention the enormous adaptability to meet the most diverse demands.

Like the traditional setting, one of the most important devices for the correct interconnection of virtual networks is the switch. In this Cloud scenario, we would be talking about the Open vSwitch (OVS), open source software created to function as a virtual switch in virtualized server environments.  They are also in charge of forwarding traffic among the different virtual machines on the same physical host and they forward the traffic between the virtual machines and the physical network.

Apart from offering standard control and visibility, the open vswitch interfaces with the virtual network layer. You can support distribution across multiple physical servers. It also tolerates several virtualization technologies based on Linux, such as: Xen/XenServer, KVM, VirtualBox, ProxmoxVE.

This open source software for switch virtualization can be easily ported to different hardware platforms and operating systems. OVS is run on physical servers and allows remote administration, which simplifies many aspects of network management.

When we virtualize the functions of our switches, we can also make use of the Virtual Distributed Switches (VDS).  Among the qualities of a Virtual Distributed Switch it is worth mentioning the possibilities offered to manage and configure all network settings to cluster level, that is to say, from a single centralized point, applying all the changes to the ESX / ESXi servers belonging to that distributed switch.

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