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Some tips for a better experience with your virtual desktops

Desktops virtualization made it possible for users to have greater business mobility.

When it comes to information technology for our company we always think of modernizing and economizing at the same time.

 Desktops virtualization or VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) has long demonstrated that it was possible to meet these two key factors to achieve enhanced performance. It is easier to optimize the available resources by configuring multiple virtual machines on a single physical server.

Gone are the old problems of the client-server architecture where traffic congestion was more frequent because of the large number of clients sending simultaneous requests to a single server. Also gone is the scenario where end-users had to perform their work from a single device and a same location.

Today’s world has greater business mobility. It is actually thanks to virtualization technology that users can remotely access their desktops to work with various operating systems and applications from any device (laptop, PC, smartphone, tablet) and whatever means of connection they use.
Popularity of desktops virtualization could not stay behind since it enables considerable savings such as a waiting time reduction due to hardware inactivity.

By achieving an integrated and simplified administration, the risk of data loss is minimized since these are better protected in the virtualized Data Center, instead of being stored on a personal computer. Not to mention that reduction in energy consumption is three times lower than that generated in a conventional data center.

ecommendations to administrators for a better experience with their virtual desktops

Advantages aside, no one could deny, however, that desktop virtualization entails a much more complicated administration, where numerous technologies and IT specialists must be grouped together.  To make this activity successful, Globenet International offers some recommendations to administrators for a better experience with their virtual desktops:

  1. Be sure to provide special configurations and applications to users who require it.
  2. Install redundant servers to ensure security in case of an eventuality.
  3. Incorporate high availability solutions for greater cost savings.
  4. Systematically review workloads and analyze how a VDI solution can be dynamically adapted to the business environment and employees’ demands.
  5. Evaluate technologies availability and their storage capacities to reduce bandwidth requirements in order to optimize their business networks performance.

Is it a suggestion from someone who can do it for you?

With VMware you can find a safe path. VMware virtualization solutions for applications and desktop environments enable you to provide an optimized strategy for delivering, securing and managing Windows or Linux desktop environments and on-premise or cloud applications.

If you still have questions, please see this animation for a concrete example of how virtualization has perfected the virtual workspace.

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