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See everything you can achieve with a good Email Marketing campaign

The use of commercial email is already a very efficient modern digital marketing tool.

Yes, you are probably reading this and wondering if an email newsletter can really have a beneficial effect on customers’ purchasing decisions. Email Marketing has had great detractors who ensure that this type of strategies violates the consumers’ right to free choice, especially their right to privacy.

However, with the increased use of mobile devices, email marketing has reached new levels. Numerous studies have already registered high amounts of web traffic in this way.

Rather than demonizing Email Marketing, let us think objectively that the ways of implementing it have also changed a lot. Also keep in mind that this way of selling advertising is a less expensive method to study and analyze the behavior of your buyers and potential customers.

Believe it, the use of commercial email is already a very efficient modern digital marketing tool. However, to achieve a real impact on the audience you have to use well thought-out strategies so as not to bore or saturate your recipients.

Do you want to know how to do it right? Follow these tips, maybe one of them is effective for you:

  1. Segment your content and your audience: Much of the rejection received by the use of email marketing is because subscribers end up receiving an avalanche of content which is often of no interest to them. Try to personalize content and provide valuable information based on a customers’ need to satisfy them in the best way.
  2. Vary your content strikingly: Always try not to offer the same content. Use email marketing also to send announcements of a special offer, a product catalog, business requests, sales inquiries or donations.
  3. Use direct messages: Direct email is a type of advertising that consists in sending an email only to communicate a promotional message. Companies usually collect a list of customers or email addresses that actually have prospects to send direct messages, or they can also rent a list of email addresses.

For both B2B and B2C companies, email marketing, if well used, can offer loyalty and trust to your brand’s customers and even convince new buyers to buy something immediately.

Think about it! With a good email marketing campaign you will be able to:

  • Monitor the return on investment and, along with Search Engine Marketing or SEO Marketing strategies, you will achieve an effective combination to influence your consumers’ decisions.
  • Save resources. A traditional advertising campaign, in addition to time, would normally take graphic material, coordination of ideas, impressions. However, with Email Marketing you would only need to design your strategies in a creative way, add the addresses and send.

Email Marketing is not obsolete as an online marketing strategy. Remember that if those subscribers have chosen you, that is to say, if they agreed to receive your content, prior agreement, it is because they are interested in your business. Take advantage of all the potential you get from that to study your market and generate more sales.

Just make sure that your program does not violate any spam laws, such as the United States Act that controls unsolicited marketing attacks.

Otherwise, be creative and your clients will come to you. Good luck in the attempt!

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