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Secure your APIs from cyberattacks with Imperva API Security

Imperva API Security

In the business world where the demands on the web are increasing with the exponential growth of web 2.0 use, it becomes extremely vital to guarantee the protection of the APIs, because ensuring them means proactively safeguarding all the resources of your organization.

APIs play an essential role in connecting services and transferring data across business networks and are now much needed to automate business to business processes and provide a back-end for mobile applications.

APIs can also be the Gateway to numerous data security vulnerabilities if they are exposed or have been hacked.

Managing API security should not be just a manual task, because continually securing each endpoint and keeping up to date with implementations can be a major headache.

Imperva has a tool for solving API security issues that you should know about. Its name is Imperva API Security and it was created to provide a high performance security model, control the traffic you want to access your API and accurately protect your endpoints.

Imperva API Security

Why choose Imperva API Security for API management and security?

Imperva Cloud API Security is a tool that provides easy integration with the Imperva API Security solution to protect the APIs that are managed with different API management platforms. In addition, the tool includes the ability to integrate with a local file system.

The tool includes pre-defined integrations with the following API management platforms: 

-Red Hat 3scale API Management

-Microsoft Azure API Management

-Amazon API Gateway

Imperva API Security.

Imperva API Security also leverages its strength in DDoS protection to protect APIs. It has a new positive security model that acts as a second layer of defense for API traffic, blocking any malicious activity on the API.

Each time an API is updated, Imperva API Security is automatically secured, leading to faster software release cycles.

Globenet International Corp, has a certified partnership with Imperva, so we can guarantee not only the solution, but also offer highly qualified services such as installation, system administration, maintenance and after-sales support.

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