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How to know when your organization needs a business app?

Una app puede ayudar a explorar en métricas el consumo de los clientes

Having a business mobile application (app) is essential because brands must also show a good image on devices with which people spend a large part of their time.

This is the number one argument that many would mention to explain why a company should have its own app, but… owning a tool like this means much more than to be present in a place where our customers benefit from our services.

Not all companies need a mobile application, and that is the first question we must ask ourselves:  What is the purpose of my organization wanting to create an app?  Ask yourself if your idea is to generate sales, notoriety, create a loyal community of users or simply to position itself within your sector.

That said, how to know if your company needs a mobile application?  These types of signs could alert you:

  1. You have reached a point where you need a closer contact with your customers, employees or partners: If you want to have a more direct interaction with them, a mobile app could help you to be in touch with them at any time and place.
  2. You want to mark a distinctive footprint in the market: You should assess the app’s real value and added value, and choose whether it is by reason of immediacy, greater interaction with users, usability, promotions, offers, discounts, or loyalty due to the frequency of use. The most important thing is that you think about what your potential customer really needs in order to become aware of the usefulness of the service or product offered by your app.
  3. You need to have a greater influence on your users: When a customer finds the possibility of researching and quickly examining the service or product offered by your app within his/her mobile reach, you can consider that you have influenced his/her purchase decisions in a certain way. Do not hesitate, a business application will have a great impact because the image of your organization will always be there.
  4. You need more information about your customers’ consumption habits: To know the levels of consumption, there is nothing better for an organization than to evaluate the metrics of what its audience is asking for in order to offer personalized services. Take advantage of all the information you can obtain about your consumers with an app. This way you can create concrete strategies because you will know, for example, what they like or what they need.
  5. You need to improve the expansion of your business: To this end, your mobile application must be of quality, practical, manageable and accessible. You should define well why you need your mobile application, that is to say, what your objectives are, the functionality you are looking for, the design, the readability and the most suitable usability. It is about creating a Mobile Marketing strategy based on the type of business you have or manage.

Investing in an own and personalized mobile application is a good corporate strategy to boost business, but take a few minutes to decide if you are really ready to launch it and face competition.

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