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VPN: A reliable and private extension of your corporate

Graphic functioning of a VPN

The term teleworking or distant working has become very popular lately.  Imagine that your employees do not need to be at the physical venue to make sure their work is done.  Undoubtedly, it is a very feasible choice to establish a corporate communication even from remote locations.

For the worker, it presents greater flexibilities and improved mobility, and for the company it means more productivity, lower infrastructure costs and better use of the worker.

All this is possible thanks to the advantages of using VPN connections (Virtual Private Network) for business purposes.  This type of network, as its name implies, is a form of safe interconnection between different geographically separated networks, by means of a shared public networks, such as Internet.

High security levels…

One of the best advantages of using VPN connections in corporate environments is the high level of security that they offer. Virtual Private Connections create encrypted connections through a tunnel that allows the encrypted data transfer in order to keep their confidentiality and authenticity.  To do this, it uses several authentication technologies and security protocols, such as IPSec, L2TP and SSL/TLS .

And what is even better, virtual private networks allow connection only to those devices authorized by authentication certificates, encrypted keys and established passwords.  This way, the data that flow through the virtual private network are fully protected, because the entrance is locked to unwanted access.

Lower costs…

The use of VPN has become a highly effective way to reduce expenses on network security and management.  Furthermore, your company can save a lot of money in the investment of equipment and network services.

Extensive capabilities to expand your corporative network…

Network virtualization is emerging as an ideal solution to extend the capabilities and infrastructure of the corporate networks.  VPN connections are increasingly used for connecting different geographical locations of a same company, for example; thus a wider area network is made up.  It is an excellent way to extend the reach of the networks, as business applications are not limited only to an exclusive site.

However, a successful implementation of VPN for business purposes reports a number of benefits, but in order to achieve this it is necessary to establish optimum security policies, proper management of the keys and data encryption, so that there is no unexpected outcomes that prevent the efficient functioning of your business computer networks.

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