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Orchestration, an essential ally for your virtualized networks.

With orchestration you get many of the advantages offered by the Cloud services.

When Ericsson launched its Dynamic Orchestration solution this year at the TM Forum Live! In Nice, France, it was no more than a decision to adapt to the new network virtualization environment. The powerful telecommunications company invested its resources in a decision that will make the management of the existing technologies much more flexible and modular; and will integrate service automation capabilities into their physical and virtual networks as well.

The proposal presented by Ericsson also offered operators the skills and tools needed to navigate along the transformation process to Software Defined Networking (SDN)  and Network Function Virtualization (NFV).

 Successful companies do it all the time: Innovate and be aligned with market demands, where the business networks are changing more and more, especially due to the demands of information volume and speed that the classic networks can no longer offer. At that point, when talking about virtualization and automation, orchestration has undoubtedly become a very important issue.

How is it exactly that orchestration results into business advantages?

Server and storage virtualization has transformed data centers like never before by making the networks more flexible and agile. In this new environment, orchestration has brought about great benefits, as it allows the resource management of the infrastructure layer (including the creation, deletion and reservation of the necessary space for the management of the different virtual machines).

Orchestration is part of the basic architecture of a Framework or digital infrastructure in the software development process. With the correct orchestration in your virtualized networks it will be much easier to know the level of use, state, stats, among other parameters.

In a word: not having Cloud Computing tools  and resource orchestration means it is impossible to access many of the advantages offered by  Cloud services, such as Agility, self-service, Scalability and performance.

For example, IT departments that make use of the orchestration tools have the possibility to gather and put to work numerous servers effectively. This inevitably allows you to automatically save network resources, or perhaps in order to automatically scale resources, as application loads increase and decrease.

In the public cloud, often several events take place; such as configuring virtual machines, obtaining the necessary authorizations and the display of images. In these processes, cloud orchestration plays an essential role; because with its use, administrators can manage different interconnections or workflows.

Orchestration tools offer the possibility to much better manage virtualized network functions, and ultimately be able to deploy or disassemble the load balancing, firewall, IDP, and others Network functions.

Choosing the right way to manage your networks is not only a way to obtain better performance, but also a way to guarantee peace of mind to your development team against any demand.

How about you? What is your positive experience with orchestration?

If you still have doubts, watch in this demo how Ericsson used orchestration to redefine their ways of managing their network infrastructure!


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