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New alliance!: NovaStor and its data backup and recovery solutions

NovaStor DataCenter, backup software

More than 80 providers make up Globenet International’s solutions portfolio with the aim of offering you a variety of options that meet your technological business needs according to your demands and budget. Our wide range of manufacturers offer products and solutions for Networks and Data Center, Mobile and Radio Infrastructure, Electronic SecurityEnergy, and Software.

This time NovaStor joins our Line Card 2020, an American company specialized in Data Backup and Recovery Solutions for home offices and also for Small and Medium Enterprises.

NovaStor products are designed to help your organization solve critical data protection issues while alleviating the workload of routine backup activities in your organization.

Its wide range of options range from enterprise solutions and Cloud-based managed services, with robust technology for on-site and off-site backup of your data.

NovaStor’s solutions are primarily focused on:

  • PC and server backup and restoration
  • Local and offsite backup and restoration
  • Tape and disk image software
  • Disaster recovery
  • Virtualization
  • Enabling cloud backup
  • Hard disk recovery and boot disk

NovaStor DataCenter, backup software

“NovaStor DataCenter” is among its flagship solutions, a high-performance software that can perform complete restoration for disaster recovery. With NovaStor DataCenter it is possible to easily back up our operating system and duplicate data to external locations.

This software includes comprehensive and heterogeneous backup and restore functions with reporting, monitoring and central media management. Once setup, the processes run automatically and without interruption due to high fault tolerances. It supports current operating systems (Windows/Linux), virtualization platforms (Hyper-V, VMware) and business applications.

High speed, performance and scalability are qualities that distinguish NovaStor’s support and restoration products. You only have to trust and NovaStor will do the rest. No more problems in your business. With NovaStor, your data can now withstand any inconvenience.

Other NovaStor’s solutions that could be useful to you:

Cloud backup: The manufacturer offers a cloud backup platform for MSPs and organizations wanting to host their data locally, and in their own private cloud, NovaStor-hosted cloud or public clouds.

Network backup: Attention small and medium organizations! NovaStor has one of the best Network backup solutions with centralized heterogeneous restore of physical and virtual machines in one or more locations. It is available for both Windows and Linux to disk and tape for fast data availability and minimal resource requirements.

Backup for high-performance environments: This is a scalable software to cope with growing volumes of data and unlimited capacities for data protection and large unstructured databases. This ensures flexible, cost-effective and energy-efficient data backup and recovery for physical and virtual machines.

Enterprise data management and multi-cloud archive: NovaStor ensures long-term data retention and policy compliance and archive in the cloud with centralized data management.

You have no excuse for letting your growing business data flow unsecured. With NovaStor solutions you can achieve data protection for networks with physical and virtual IT infrastructures, and data protection and recovery for local, public and private clouds.

Manage your business data today so you don’t regret it tomorrow!

If you need it, Globenet International Corp can advise you to choose any of the NovaStor products and solutions. We are already a certified partner of this manufacturer, so in addition to access to the product we provide the guarantee of full service, professional advice and customized support.

Remember that you can contact us 24 hours a day, seven days a week!