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New year, new goals!: Globenet arrives with more Comprehensive Technology Solutions

Globenet International Corp. Technology Solutions Company

2020 finished and left us with an adverse outlook due to the passage of the devastating COVID-19 pandemic. But, at the same time, the very needs of social isolation put into practice  ̶ as never before ̶  the use of teleworking and information and communication technologies.

The whole world was forced to take on the new forms of work where technology and the internet played a major role, and in this new year that has just begun will be no different.

In this 2021 the organizations will have to continue overcoming the challenges that will come from this new reality that we live, where the spaces of digital interaction and the use of the telework will be tripled without a doubt, as necessary options to not renounce to the productivity and the enterprise efficiency.

The good news is that Globenet International Corp, even in the strongest moments caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, did not stop working to accompany companies in this complex path of managing the challenges of greater use of technological solutions and connectivity.

Our company will continue to strive to provide you with the best solutions for your IT security, IT management and cloud needs to your cloud infrastructures, as well as IT automation solutions.

In addition to a complete team of professionals, we continue to offer guarantees of immediate product availability at highly competitive prices, always maintaining rigorous quality control and pre-configuration of equipment before any shipment, with minimum delivery times either locally or internationally.

From our online store you will also continue to have in this 2021 the possibility of accessing various comprehensive solutions for your company to better deploy its technology and connectivity operations.

Providers such as Barracuda Networks, Cisco, Fortinet, VMware, Palo Alto, Fortinet, Imperva, Blue Coat, Red Hat, Aruba Network, Ericsson, Samsung, Oracle, IBM Cloud, Sophos, Tripp Lite, Checkpoint, Exinda, HP and F5 support our broad portfolio of technology solutions ranging from:

Networks and Data Center, Software solutions, Mobile and Radio Infrastructure, Electronic Security, Energy

With more than 17 years in the market, Globenet International is already the number one ally of several corporations and companies that have trusted us to have a secure network, strengthen their networks or update their cyber security strategies.

We are the immediate solution to technological problems for important companies such as at&t, Telefónica, Sprint, Claro, Telmex, Coca Cola, KFC, CNBC, Discovery Chanel, HBO, Univision, Televisa, Toyota. 

So you know. We continue working to help you maximize your business objectives and goals, offering the best technology solutions in the market according to your objectives and demands. Globenet International remains at the service of our clients whether it is for on-site installation of any equipment, consulting for remote system startup, license waiver requests or immediate consultation for real-time decision making.

Remember that you can contact us 24 hours a day, seven days a week!