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New partnership! Allot and its network visibility, control and security solutions

Allot and its network visibility, control and security solutions

Not knowing everything that goes on in your networks is like driving blindfolded at night. Keep in mind that good visibility on your corporate network means you will be better prepared so that eventualities do not surprise and undermine the efficiency of your business and your online assets.

Networks continue to become more complex due to the increasing use of applications, the amount of data being transmitted and also due to the use of thousands of connected devices. If you want your online business to never stop working, you must solve these challenges immediately. This way you will achieve greater operational efficiency and better user experiences.

Globenet International Corp has recently established alliances with Allot, a company that since 1996 has been offering a wide range of solutions to help service providers and companies extract more value from their networks.

Allot’s network visibility, control and security solutions will help you improve network performance, ensure optimal QoE and provide value-added security services. In turn, our partnership with Allot will give you multiple benefits including unlimited discounts. Read on, and perhaps some of Allot’s products can be of great use in managing your networks.

Allot and its new network visibility, control and security solutions

Let’s see some of its products:

Unified management with Allot’s NetXplorer: Advanced visibility and centralized management of policies across the network, traffic monitoring and usage reports that provide network business intelligence essential for the optimization of the IP service. You will be able to understand how bandwidth resources are being consumed by applications and users on the network, in order to define traffic management policies. Allot’s unified management solution NetXplorer provides unparalleled visibility and control of your carrier, cloud or enterprise network. Granular visibility into application and user activity on the network informs the definition and implementation of traffic management policies that meet your needs and enables the identification and resolution of network problems. On the other hand, with Allot NetPolicy Provisioner you will be able to add a distinctive value to the service offerings of CSPs by allowing them to provide multi-tenant self-control and self-provisioning capabilities to their VPN, ISP and managed services customers.

Mobile Security Services with IoTSecure: With Allot IoTSecure, you can secure machine-to-machine communication. IoTSecure is a multi-tenant platform that allows you to provide each of your enterprise customers with a dedicated management console to monitor and secure their mobile IoT deployments on your network.

Optimize your networks with Allot Service Gateway: This platform helps service providers optimize their networks and ensure they keep up with the growing demand for differentiated, high-quality services. Allot Service Gateway is a scalable family of DPI-based multi-service platforms created to drive the deployment of differentiated network services in fixed, mobile and converged data networks. It also provides a single point of seamless integration into your network for real-time data provisioning, traffic management, quality of experience control, customer engagement, DDoS protection and web security.

Efficient 5G service with Allot’s SG-VE systems: With Allot’s SG-VE and management systems, operators will be able to provide a guarantee of efficient service, protect 5G networks from crippling DDoS attacks and offer differentiated services. NFV-enabled end-to-end network segmentation supports different services by dynamically allocating virtual resources and functions to meet specific service performance objectives. Allot Service Gateway Virtual Edition (SG-VE) and the NFV Manager are compliant with leading NFV orchestration systems and are 5G-ready.

Network Management Software: Allot ClearSee Network Analytics gives you clear visibility into your network traffic, helping you prioritize, control and secure your network to ensure it meets your needs and your users’ expectations. By transforming data into actionable and predictive information through statistical analysis, it enables broadband service providers to operate their networks more efficiently and approach their customers more effectively. The tools include a full complement of report dashboards to mine network, application, user, device and quality of experience data.

Protection against DDoS attacks: You no longer have to fear the increasingly frequent and sophisticated DDoS attacks. Allot DDoS Secure is able to mitigate volumetric DDoS attacks and isolate infected hosts, before anyone can affect your service and business. With a real-time network defense, Allot DDoS Secure brings several unique advantages to your business because it implements highly scalable online DDoS mitigation sensors that fully integrate with DPI functionality. Allot DDoS Secure inspects all incoming and outgoing traffic to form accurate traffic behavior patterns and detect even the smallest attacks.

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