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Keep Your Networks Optimized with Juniper’s Automation Solutions

“Automating our Juniper network has improved our service velocity. With smaller, more agile teams, we’re getting more done in the same amount of time”. – Said Paul Arsenault, Manager of Network Architecture, BlackBerry.

Undoubtedly, Juniper has one of the most valued network automation solutions on the market. Opting for it is a reasonable decision that will help you simplify the planning, design and operations of network equipment, reducing configuration errors for a more reliable network. In this way, you also improve the end-user experience.

Juniper Mist is a 100% open and programmable cloud-hosted platform. How can we measure its effectiveness before deciding to go for it? Simply put, let’s take an example: If wireless service levels fall below a certain threshold, proactive actions can be taken using the Juniper Mist solution, with instant notification to the proper IT personnel.

How does it manage to be so effective?

The foundation simply comes from using certain AI (Artificial Intelligence)-driven operations. The Juniper solution uses award-winning Mist AI to bring unparalleled automation to the campus and branch, including event correlation across the LAN and WAN, proactive anomaly detection, dynamic packet captures when issues occur, and even self-driving network operations where the infrastructure can adapt to changing conditions in real time.

Ease, scalability and cost savings: Juniper’s full suite of automation solutions can be a vital ally both for operators managing a WAN service and engineers delivering business-critical Wi-Fi.

Staying ahead of business requirements requires automation throughout the entire network through all stages of your services lifecycle. To this end, Juniper has made its automation solution one of the most powerful available today.

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