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Juniper Session Smart SD-WAN: Gain Resilient WAN Connectivity

Juniper Session Smart SD-WAN

SD-WANs are becoming increasingly popular in the business sector, offering agility, cost savings, reliability, high performance and security.

Having a software-defined wide area network is one of the most effective ways to centrally manage and control all hardware components through software, in a much simpler way. SD-WAN also allows us to centrally manage our network traffic and through software.

Any suggestions on which manufacturer to choose?

Well, Juniper’s software-defined SD-WAN solution delivers resilient WAN connectivity with breakthrough economics to today’s Cloud-centric businesses It also eliminates the inherent inefficiencies and cost constraints of legacy solutions, reducing bandwidth consumption by 30% or more.

Juniper’s Session Smart SD-WAN enables you to optimize user experiences, simplify operations and safeguard business matters from client to cloud.

How does Session Smart SD-WAN improve the user experience?

Deliver a deterministic, optimized end-user experience across the WAN. Session Smart SD-WAN improves WAN performance by eliminating the tunnel tax. WAN Assurance, driven by Mist AI, delivers insights and automated troubleshooting for issues impacting user experience.

Simple to operate

You can simplify and automate your SD-WAN to free up your IT team. WAN Assurance insights and actions provide more granular visibility to make it easier to operate a Juniper SD-WAN.

Simple to Secure

Security should not only safeguard your users and devices across your WAN, but also simplify its operation. Zero Trust session integrity, Secure Vector Routing, and deny by default access policies are just some of the ways Juniper SD-WAN provides simple security.

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