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Why should you use Google+ in your business?

This social network is probably one of the most valuable to spread your content

You will be amazed at the enormous potential that Google+ will have for your business. Now we tell you why you should have it…

This social network is probably one of the most valuable to spread your content, focus your audience and have a profound impact on it. Remember that Google Plus is owned by the internet giant Google, owner of the world’s most used search engine of content. So, posting content from your website on it will not only bring more traffic, but also make your business gain relevance in Google.

Google+ has many possibilities because it integrates with other Google services such as Google Calendar, Google Map, Google Place, Google App For Business, Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Cloud Computing video conferencing and direct link to YouTube, a social network that also attracts a lot of traffic and which is also owned by Google.

After knowing why you should include Google+ in your Marketing strategy, it will be good to know how to manage your company profile in it.

  1. Work hard to get the +1: Unlike a like in Facebook or a heart in Instagram, the +1 of Google Plus is much more important for SEO because this reaction of engagement is directly proportional to the indexes of web positioning, that is, Google and its search engine will give great relevance to that publication that has gained a +1.
  2. It is healthy to use #hashtags: As in other social networks, the #hashtag will help your content reach more people and it will also be vital to position criteria in relation to a certain topic that you choose to label.
  3. Take advantage of Hangouts: This resource for videoconferencing is very useful if you really want to connect with your customers. Through Hangouts you can make practical demonstrations of your offers, directly talk to your clients about any questions, help them decide, or hold conferences that will automatically be posted on YouTube. And the best thing about this resource is that it can involve several users at the same time.
  4. Participate in and influence communities: In Google+, communities where people follow certain interests are very common. Unlike other social networks, with Google Plus you can actively participate in the communities and so you will not wait for the users to reach you, but you can search for yourself that community in which you are interested in influencing. Just do not try to post the same content in different communities because people could get bored. Participate every day with new content, comment and give a +1 to other publications. Dare and create your own community on a motivating theme to attract more followers.
  5. Share content that really interests: This point is and will be the most important in all social networks. When you already get certain followers, always try to attract them. Post content that is not only about sales and your brand. Talk about them and their advantages to them. Invite them to the dialogue with your promotions, only then you will have a good relationship with them.

Google Plus can bring you many more advantages than you expected to have with other social networks. If you want to know how to advertise in it or the mistakes you should avoid to do branding, just wait for other posts…

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