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How to improve your campaigns in Google AdWords to boost sales?

Google AdWords can produce qualified traffic immediately.

Did you notice that when you search for a product or service on Google as part of the search results, references on images, banners, videos or texts appear on the top right? Yes, this happens because today many companies are investing in Google AdWords campaigns to produce qualified traffic immediately and translate that conversion into leads or sales.

Why has Google AdWords become so popular in Inbound Marketing strategies? Simple, most of the users buy and search information in Google, so everyone wants to give visibility to their products in the great search engine.

On the other hand, an organic positioning requires working on Content Marketing, Social Media, managing the optimal functioning of a website and some patience, because the results can be long-term. Natural positioning does not have to be the only option for a company. While working in organic SEO you can also launch campaigns in Google AdWords at key times and dates for your business and thus attract qualified traffic a little faster.

Campaigns in AdWords do not have to become a waste of money, you just have to invest at the right time and do it correctly to achieve the highest number of sales. Keep in mind that here you only pay, if users click on your ads, that is, you are the one who can graduate the maximum investment.

Although yes, to get a positive ROI (return on investment) with advertising campaigns in AdWords you must be very clear if your bid strategy (cost per click (CPC)) will be profitable either for that variant, cost per Viewing (CPV) for video campaigns or cost per acquisition (CPA).

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It is false to believe that advertisers who pay more, appear better positioned. Google also gives priority to ads that have a high quality level (QS) How to achieve it? Google calculates the QS of the ads according to several points, including:

  • The CTR of a keyword or what is the same the number of clicks that receives that keyword with respect to the number of impressions shown.
  • The CTR of the URL where you posted the ad.
  • The quality and optimization of the website where the advertisement appears.
  • The performance of the ad with respect to the geographical area.
  • The price to pay per click (CPC) or any other advertising model chosen.

But do not panic, you can also control other factors to ensure the quality of your campaign in AdWords. Pay attention to these key aspects:

  1. Carefully select the Keywords of your ad: Take the time that is necessary, but look for the keywords for which you want to be found. You can add the link to your website so Google can list possible terms. Only then will you improve the click through rate (CTR) of your ads and as a result the Google Quality Score will improve.
  2. Use extensions to enrich your ads: This is additional information about your website, company, product or service to gain relevance. You can include extensions such as the address of the business, a signage in Google Maps, contact number, links to your site, your store, outstanding offers, positive evaluations about your business, in short everything that contributes to give greater reliability to the visitor.
  3. Segment your campaigns according to what you need most: You have to choose the type of audience, the hours, day, month to direct your ads. Also the geographical orientation and the language will help you a lot if you want to influence in a certain country.
  4. Schedule the announcements to reduce costs in periods of lower interest: It is about not saturating with advertising but arriving at just the right moment. If you set a preferential schedule for your ads, they will have more effect. This way you can control even the maximum or minimum CPC you are willing to pay depending on when your advertising is displayed.
  5. Make sure you have an optimized website: If a visitor arrives at your website and this delay in loading, or you do not have a responsive web design, the user will feel little attracted. That’s why you should consider that landing page is the most attractive for him.
  6. Measure your ROI (Return on investment): Always, you should always measure the results of each campaign. Evaluate how certain keywords worked, the type of ad you chose, and the possible conversions it brought you. Good luck!

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