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What is Google Tag Manager and how to use it in my company?

Google Tag Manager, a powerful solution to better manage the labels of your website.

Nowadays, many webmasters indiscriminately place the tags of their site either by the use of redundant code or by incorrect use, which causes a poor performance of the site, which is sometimes almost impossible to detect.

Google Tag Manager eliminates these problems for you, helping you manage and optimize your tags so that search engines can index and reference your site better. This way you will be in healthy harmony with what is still the most used search engine in the world. How to do it?

At least until now the tool is free and anyone (with administrator’s permission) can use it, because it has a simple interface. Simply paste a piece of code on your website, and from the container of Tag Manager you can, for example, activate tags before an event or automate configuration options for those tags to avoid doing it manually every time you have to implement a change.

Monitoring the tags is very important, because these small fragments of HTML codes tell you how the interaction on your website has been to know the impact of your business and also help the search engines to better interpret what you are doing.


Google Tag Manager has many tools, even Premium versions could give you many options, but these will be very helpful once you start for the first time in its interface:

  • Define activators: This is a very important option to gather information about the interaction of users with your site at the most propitious time. Google Tag Manager allows you to create custom rules and macros, or use automatic event tracking to follow user actions with a high level of accuracy.
  • Creating variables to automate configuration options: With it you can make a label activate when certain events occur.
  • Label templates: Yes, the Google Tag Manager offers you several templates with tags that the great search engine uses and also has templates for you to choose suppliers other than Google. If you prefer, Tag Manager also allows you to implement any other tag with HTML or JavaScript custom code or what is better you can design a tag template for your company, which Google will know immediately.

In the first instance, Google Tag Manager may seem like a complex tool, but once you get used to it, you’ll have a powerful solution in your hands to better manage labels that are not working on your website.

This way you can make smarter decisions and when your business needs the most. If you decide to take the step with her, tell us how you used it.

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