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Google Sites: A very easy tool to create your own website

Free Google application to create websites.

Let’s be totally honest, Google has a very broad Suite of services that provides several products, but we do not always know all of them in depth to use them when we need it the most.

Many users in the world find it very easy to use, the Google search engine which is undoubtedly the main product, also its YouTube video portal, the Google Drive office suite, the Gmail mail client, the Google Play application store , or the geographic Google Maps service, just to give some examples.

However, the technological giant has more than one service of value not only aimed at satisfying the needs of ordinary users, but also some that will help boost the development of your company.

Globenet International presents this series of post to which we have called “Google Services that could help you in your business management”. Maybe, after reading us, you have a little more tools to manage your corporate management.

Today we want to tell you about Google Sites, a free Google service to create websites and how it works is as simple as managing a Word sheet. Yes also, this Google product definitely breaks the barriers of having to be an expert and master HTML or CSS codes to launch your own website.

But why use Google Sites if there are already other platforms for the creation of fast websites like the popular Blogger and WordPress?

We are not putting any to compete, because obviously the choice of each platform will depend on what you want and need. Google Sites, like its opponents, has a universe of possibilities for creation of web pages, that is, numerous templates and designs, the possibility of assigning administrative roles as owner, editor or viewer.

However, there are several more points in your favor that you should know: For example, with it you do not need pluggins, nor corresponding codes to use tools like Google Analytic. Sites is very easily synchronized with other Google platforms such as YouTube, Gmail, Calendar and the best! Synchronization with the space of Drive to achieve great handling of files. Even in terms of positioning you will be on the right track, because you are hosted on the servers of the great search engine.

Content management in Google Sites is very, very simple. Unlike other similar platforms in which the information must be handled from a control panel, Sites allows you to do it easily with the “edit” function.

Now, be clear that Google Sites only allows 10 GB of storage for Google Apps users and 100 MB of storage for free accounts. Besides another drawback that makes it a little less attractive is that it is not an open source platform.

It is simply a solution that could be useful if you need to create something fast and minimalist, as a small platform to communicate with the employees of your organization, or to share content with a small group of collaborators. With it you would be creating quickly a kind of intranet for a specific event or project oriented to your team.

Definitely Google Sites fulfills the function of being able to design your own website and its creation will not take more than half an hour. If you want something quick and without many complexities this could be a good solution. Keep that in mind!

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