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If something is wrong with your website, Google Search Console can detect it for you

Google Search Console a necessary tool for webmasters

Webmasters are not infallible, as humans at the end, although they are working stubbornly to avoid any error on your website there is always some detail that however small it may seem to be affecting the performance of the site and often cannot even be detected easily.

How to know, for example, if the site is having a slow loading speed according to Google’s requirements? How about if you have a broken link in the web giving 404 error and you do not even know it? How can we quickly find out if the server is down or pirated?

Google Search Console, formerly known as Google WebMasters Tools is a very valuable webmaster tool and the best thing is that it is free. It is the fastest way you have to know how the search giant is interpreting everything that happens with your website and if there is an error that you can correct immediately.

For example, with this tool you can know how often the Google bots are indexing the site and if they have found failures when indexing your pages. You can also see which keywords in the Google searches have taken to your site and the amount of click these keywords receive, the loading time of your website, and the loading time of the mobile version among other aspects.


Search Console may be similar to Google Analytic in that it examines the behavior of the keywords by which they find your site, but they are different tools. Analytic is responsible for analyzing traffic according to the behavior of your visitors, while Google Search Console is inclined to determine how your site is appearing in Google searches.

Do not miss the opportunity to know how the great seeker is seeing you. Once you log in you can enjoy all the facilities it offers, but once inside do not lose sight of these tools:

  1. Improvements in the HTML: This tool keeps you abreast of the errors in the HTML code of your website, either duplicate tags, too long tags, duplicate title tags among others.
  2. Search Queries: Here you can see how users come to your site. In other words, you will know which is the keyword that visitor are coming from Google. This is perfect to see if you are indexing correctly for the right keywords. Here you will know which pages are most visited, the number of times you clicked on a link to your website as part of Google’s SERP. The CTR of your links that is the proportion of people who after seeing your link in the search engine and clicked to visit it or abandoned it before opening. The average amount in which that link of your website appeared in the first places of the search results, among others.
  3. PageSpeed Insights: It is located in the “Other Resources” option, and it evaluates the loading speed of your site. Keep in mind that today this aspect is vital for SEO. Here you will also find tips to improve the loading time of your site.
  4. Accelerated Mobile Pages: This option will allow you to see how fast the loading of your web pages is on mobile devices. The Accelerated Mobile Pages compatibility test will inform you of any errors and will correct it by notifying Google.
  5. Sitemaps: A sitemap is a very good thing for the SEO of any site. It is basically an XML file that shows the hierarchical list of web pages that searchers and users can access. To check if Google is indexing any of the pages of your site, enter the URL of your sitemap in the Sitemaps option of Google Search Console, so you can detect which page is not indexing correctly.

Search Google Search Console and start to experience improvements to index your site in the search engines!

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