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Get the best performance from your networks with Allot ClearSee Network Analytics

As we know, network performance is a must for any business. If the applications and processes your employees perform on the network do not work effectively, then business decisions in your company could be in jeopardy.

It is clear that in order to ensure good network performance, it is essential to know who and what is connecting to the network, the applications that are running and the resources that are being consumed.

Allot, a leading provider of innovative network intelligence and security solutions, has been working hard for years to make enterprise networks work faster, more efficiently and with less latency. Today we will take a look at one of its star solutions in network optimization. We refer to Allot ClearSee Analytics.

Allot ClearSee Network Analytics provides clear visibility into network traffic, helping you prioritize, control and secure your network to ensure your needs and your users’ expectations are met.

This Allot’s solution for your networks manages to turn big data into meaningful information for decision makers in your organization.

All Allot Smart solutions’ suite are powered by in-line DPI (Deep Packet Inspection) technology, which generates an intelligence that allows customers to optimize, innovate and capitalize on all service opportunities. By analyzing each network data packet, user, application and security, Allot Smart provides, in a cost effective way, the highest quality of experience for its

But let’s look at some other benefits you get with Allot ClearSee Analytics:


Network operators will be able to synthesize and analyze large varieties and volumes of data with extreme efficiency. Tools include a full complement of report dashboards for mining network, application, user, device and quality of experience data, plus a dedicated Self-Service module for exploring fresh perspectives and gaining deeper insight.

Visual reports and analysis of network traffic, online activity, and unusual traffic volumes, along with information regarding the causes, are available with this solution. The reports, for example, show which applications and devices are consuming the bandwidth in a chronically congested cell, while historical analysis can be used to identify traffic trends and the effects they will have on network performance over time.

Daily or weekly reports showing bandwidth consumption, usage volumes, video and HTTP QoE, signaling traffic, average bit rates, open sessions and other vital statistics enable operators to identify problematic areas.


The reports obtained from the dashboards will provide you with a much more consolidated view of your network business with a summary of the key performance indicators you want to investigate. For example, subscriber usage statistics together with data from CRM and billing systems can be analyzed to examine average revenue per user from certain demographics or to track the adoption and performance of newly launched services in different locations. Web-based dashboards can be viewed on multiple devices from any location.


Allot ClearSee has a full complement of web-based tools for manipulating and analyzing large varieties and volumes of data with extreme ease and efficiency. Tools include a dedicated self-service module plus preset reporting dashboards to analyze data from the perspective of network domains, subscriber, device and user experience. The web-based application can be accessed from any browser on any device, and its intuitive GUI functions.

In conclusion, with Allot ClearSee Network Analytics the gains are unlimited. You will be able to:

  • Know in depth the traffic trends and the effects they will have on the network performance.
  • Identify problematic areas.
  • Target customers most likely to respond to new services or upgrades, improving response rates and increasing customer lifetime value.

Globenet International Corp, in alliance with Allot, can help you solve all your network management and performance challenges through this Suite. For immediate contact, please call us at (+1) 305 513 0323, or email us at sales@globenetcorp.com . Remember also that you can contact us 24 hours a day, seven days a week!