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Get informed! These are Palo Alto’s 2020 EOS products

Palo Alto EOS products in 2020

Palo Alto Networks, the global leader in cybersecurity, remains one of the top-selling manufacturers in the IT security market, as its products and solutions bear the hallmark of having the visibility, reliable intelligence, automation and flexibility needed to help organizations move forward securely.

Palo Alto’s solutions portfolio is varied and comprehensive, but above all, it is renowned for having cutting-edge solutions for the protection of tens of thousands of organizations in clouds, networks and mobile devices.

Productos EOS de Palo Alto de 2020

If you are a regular consumer of Palo Alto’s solutions, you should not miss this list containing the EOS products that the manufacturer announced in 2020:

  • PA-7000 Series Network Processing Cards (PA-7000-20GXM-NPC and PA-7000-20GQXM-NPC): As of November 9, Palo Alto Networks announced that the exact end of sale (EOS) date would be May 8, 2021 for the following Network Processing Cards for the PA-7000 Series next generation firewall: PA-7000-20GXM-NPC and PA-7000-20GQXM-NPC. As of this date, the company has said that the cards will be available for sale until the EOS date, and will provide technical assistance for a period of 5 years following the EOS date, provided that a valid service contract is maintained on the product. Once the end of sale is reached, it is suggested that the following upgrade alternatives be used for these cards: PA-7000-100G-NPC-A (Ethernet Ports and Security Processing) and PA-7000-DPC-A (Security Processing only).
  • Three infrastructure cards for PA-7000 series (PA-7050-SMC, PA-7080-SMC and PA-7000-LPC): The end of sale of this product will be officially on February 28, 2021. The infrastructure cards for the PA-7000 Series next generation firewalls are as follows: PA-7050-SMC, PA-7080-SMC and the PA-7000-LPC. Alternatively, customers can evaluate the PA-7050-SMC-B, PA-7080-SMC-B and PA-7000-LFC cards respectively.
  • Traps Endpoint Security Manager: Since March 2020, this solution is already out of sale. Customers who regularly use Traps Endpoint Security Manager can upgrade to Cortex XDR Prevent.
  • M-500 Panorama appliance: For the M-500 Panorama 5 appliance the end of sale date was announced in February 2020. Similarly for this solution, Palo Alto assures that it will provide technical assistance for a period of 5 years following the EOS date, provided that a valid service contract is maintained on the product. 
  • PA-3000 Series: PA-3020, PA-3050, PA-3060: October 31st was the end of sale date for the PA-3000 Series next generation firewalls. For those who use these firewalls, the alternative now is to use the PA-3200 Series next generation firewalls or choose the appropriate firewall model for their needs. 
  • BrightCloud URL Filtering Service Subscriptions: This Palo Alto solution has been in EOS since February, but BrightCloud URL filtering subscriptions will be available for sale until the EOS date and will be supported for three years until the End-of-Life (EOL) date of July 31st, 2021. Palo Alto has said that BrightCloud subscription renewals may not extend beyond this End-of-Life date. 

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