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FortiGate Firewalls: Protect Your Network from Exploits and Encrypted Malware

The evolution of cyber-attacks is accelerating, so surely you have asked yourself how to deal with cyber threats in such a changing and diverse environment? One of the most recommended solutions is to pay more attention to your network traffic management strategies to better analyze system vulnerabilities.

Don’t forget that your databases, file services, and directories are often a favorite target for hackers.

In addition to backups, antivirus, authentication mechanisms and cryptography, you should not dispense with a next-generation firewall, because of its effectiveness in identifying and controlling traffic, based on the application itself rather than just the port and protocol.

For a more comprehensive protection of your network, we suggest Fortinet’s FortiGate mid-range next-generation Firewalls.

FortiGate mid-range next generation firewalls (NGFW) provide high performance, multi-layered advanced security, and better visibility to protect against cyber-attacks while reducing complexity. FortiGate firewalls are purpose-built with security processers to enable the industry’s best threat protection and performance for SSL-encrypted traffic.

By providing granular visibility of applications, users and IOT devices, these appliances are designed to identify issues quickly and intuitive. In addition, security services from Fortinet’s FortiGuard Labs provide continuous threat intelligence updates to keep organizations protected from:

  • Exploits and encrypted malware
  • Malicious websites and botnets
  • Ransomware and unknown attacks.

FortiGate mid-range firewalls include:

1. Top-rated security validated by NSS Labs, Virus Bulletin, and comparatives.

2. Industry’s highest threat protection and SSL inspection performance.

3. Multi-layered security capabilities to reduce complexity

4. Deep visibility and granular control of applications, users, and IOT devices.

5. Single pane glass view with centralized management and reporting.

Some FortiGate products

FortiGate 900, 800, 600

FortiGate 900 – 600 series appliances deliver up to 7 Gbps of Threat Prevention throughput, 8 Gbps of SSL Inspection throughput and multiple integrated 10 GE ports. This combination delivers an ideal solution as an internal segmentation firewall, as well as a perimeter NGFW.

FortiGate 500-300 Series

FortiGate 500 – 300 series appliances deliver up to 5Gbps of threat prevention throughput, 5.7 Gbps SSL Inspection throughput and multiple integrated 1 GE ports and 10GE ports. This combination of performance, port density, and consolidated security offers an ideal platform for enterprise campus and branch locations.

To access any of these solutions, please contact us. Given its very close relationship with Fortinet, Globenet International Corp offers you, not only access to the product, but also to consulting, installation and after sales support.

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