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5 tips that will help you do business on Facebook

The hard part on Facebook is to finally make any user become a lead

Currently all companies want to have a company profile on Facebook. And they are not wrong since for several consecutive years this social network has been leading the lists of the most preferred by users in general. With Facebook, you can have an alternative sales channel to get new customers, retain the ones you already have and consolidate your brand.

It is very easy to configure a company profile. However, the hard part of all this is to finally make any user become a lead, especially taking into account that Facebook is constantly making changes in its forms of use, content positioning algorithms, and the ways of advertising itself on it. That is why the help of a professional who really masters effective strategies to do Marketing and business on Facebook is vital.

Today we will answer some questions that may arise in this difficult process of doing business on Facebook. 

  1. How to sell? If you really want people to buy your offers, all your content cannot be just sales. In addition to placing offers, contests, discounts and promotions, try to put yourself in the place of users and offer them other attractive content that surprise, excite or make them think. To that end, you can rely on specialized professionals such as journalists, communicators, writers or publicists. Remember to direct your messages using photos, videos, gifs, questions, memes, text, links, emoticons, you decide … Oh!, it is healthy to create groups on a given theme so you can become a leader in your sector. Publish something of your blog or website systematically, even several times a day, and always through content that causes reactions and participation.
  2. How to advertise? Think carefully about each advertising campaign. If you are going to use payment strategies, analyze the type of bid that will produce the best results. Facebook biddings for your advertising campaigns can be CPM: cost per thousand impressions, CPC: cost per click, CPA: cost per action / conversion or CPL: cost per like. Each of these tools will help you not to lose customers because, for example, you could be directing your ads toward those profiles that are really interested in your offers. None of these indicators will be effective if you first do not put them to the test to see which one works best for you. Now, in terms of placing your ads, that is up to you. You can rely on words that attract attention such as “reduction”, “discount”, visually attractive images, or simply by placing the ad in the news section. Anyway, you choose, but above all, experience and then measure the impact. Very important… use Retargeting, these cookies allow you to show your ads only to those who have visited you and have not bought you.
  3. How to win customers? Before getting leads, the first thing is to connect with a community that follows your content. You have to know your followers well in order to try to influence their purchasing decisions. Get more followers by inviting other people to follow you. Interact with your community, answer members’ messages, mention them, label them, and this way you will involve them more.
  4. How to value the metrics? Use EdgeRank Facebook algorithm, which will help you decide which content you should post more frequently, at what times, etc. The internal metrics of each page called Insights are vital to measure the impact of your sales and marketing strategies. This Facebook tool you can find in the administration panel of your company profile will help you know who your most active followers are, what country they come from, what time they consume most of your content, etc.
  5. How to gain visibility? It is important if you add links in your profile to other social networks of your company, be it Twitter, Google +, YouTube, LinkedIn… When you place a post, add #hashtags to it. These elements have become a valuable tool to get more relevance.


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