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These are some of the main technology trends in 2021


While the world is still learning to live with the VICD-19 pandemic, organizations have had little time to adapt. Change at the enterprise level has marched in tandem with the pace of this new reality. Some companies have simply not made it, but those that still survive do so largely thanks to technology that has been like a salvation.

The Internet and teleworking were the solution for not a few companies in the world that had to continue operating in the midst of the unprecedented scenario that the pandemic still leaves. The panorama does not seem to be different in this new year. Therefore, if you want to keep your eyes on the future, taking a look at the technology trends that will be marking this 2021 is the best decision.

Follow our blog, because from Globenet International we tell you about those trends that you should not lose sight of if you really want to be prepared to take on the challenges ahead and know, as a company, which areas need to be strengthened and become part of the digital transformation:

Chatbots y asitentes de voz
Chatbots and voice assistants

USE OF CHATBOTS AND VOICE ASSISTANTS: This social distancing imposed on us by this pandemic has led more and more companies to use digital voice assistant technologies. Chatbots and voice assistants are a perfect tool for companies, which well used and with advanced capabilities of emotions recognition and transfer can be vital to satisfy customers, thus achieving better business results. Chatbots in particular, due to the growth of machine learning, have become extremely popular in small and large companies.

Entornos de multinube
Multi-cloud environments

INCREASED MULTI-CLOUD ENVIRONMENTS: During the first months of the pandemic ,the use of multi-cloud environments demonstrated that this practice is still an important solution for many companies, due to the extensive use of remote work that forced more than one employee to remotely access the organization’s resources.

Use of 5G network

MORE 5G DEPLOYMENT: We live in a world where connectivity is no longer a luxury, it is a necessity. It is a necessity for many companies that depend on a good connection speed to maintain their online stores and e-commerce systems. This year the 5G networks will also be of great importance for companies, as they will become a highly viable possibility to offer digital channels with more content, thus achieving more closeness.

VIRTUAL REALITY WILL BE KEY: At the risk of less social interaction, the augmented reality technology that simulates much of reality will be one of the most used also in this new year. Virtual reality has become very useful for online training environments, and places like schools and certain medical areas where interaction is necessary.

INCREASE IN SCALABLE AS-A-SERVICES SOLUTIONS: If there was one thing clear to many organizations in 2020, it is that many of the organizations survived by relying on the cloud to provide scalable as-a-service solutions. This year will be no different: Many companies will need to continue using this strategy to rapidly increase capacity to meet demand.

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