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Do you already know how much you could earn with a cloud-managed WiFi?

Most companies with high levels of productivity have incorporated a cloud-managed Wi-Fi model

A large number of companies in the world have joined the BYOD culture (Bring Your Own Devices) due to the cost savings that are generated when employees use their own personal devices (laptops, tablets, mobile phones) to access the institution’s resources.

No one can deny that the business BYOD trend of, coupled with the growing use of the Internet of Things (IoT) have greatly relaxed modern business routines, but in turn have brought numerous challenges around network management, bandwidth  and security.

The fact that so many owners of different devices are using the business network is a challenge for administrators who, not only should know all endpoints in their network, but also which applications they are accessing and where they are located.  Moreover, how to achieve good control of wireless networks in companies with multiple local branches?

Most companies with high levels of productivity have incorporated a WLAN model  managed in the Cloud without drivers to face the complex architectures that require an extra hardware such as WLAN controllers and separate security devices.

What exactly does it mean to assume a Cloud-managed WiFi model in corporate environments?

Having a Cloud-managed WiFi model allows you to face the challenges of mobility within the company and the growth of BYOD, without having to invest in hardware again.  We are talking about a more intelligent approach that automates many functions, simplifies management and monitoring, and increases the visibility of the network.

A faster Wi-Fi:  The automatic actions to control the administration of a WiFi network makes it possible to significantly improve the capacities for increasing performance, interferences correction, clean emission time, band modulation and optimization of the multimedia traffic, where voice and video are prioritized.

Firmware always updated:  Having the firmware versions updated and/or the necessary patches was a big challenge until the Cloud-based solutions emerged.  With this new environment, we will always have the firmware updates automatically because manufacturers are forced to always keep their hardware and software products up to date on this platform.

Simplicity in administration:  The Cloud offers many advantages in terms of network management.  In a Cloud-managed WiFi, the APs (Wireless Access Point) are preconfigured to access your management platform, through which administrators can centrally manage the equipment without complexities.  This is vital, especially in companies with multiple branches where different network typologies converge.

Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi, a solution to manage a high-performance multi-site WLAN

Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi, the solution to achieve better performance

If what you are looking for is a Wi-Fi network with better services to boost business productivity, we recommend you the Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi solutions, a leader in the wireless network market.

Ruckus Cloud WiFi enables distributed organizations with limited IT resources to set up, monitor and manage a high-performance multi-site WLAN.  In addition, this platform provides attractive offers that may include switching and the internal LTE service, both Cloud-managed and based on OpenG™ technology.

The BYOD trend will be extended more and more and companies cannot deny that.  This reality poses great challenges for network administrators to continue supporting an ever-increasing number of endpoints.

However, so far, there is every indication that Cloud WiFi solutions have been able to solve these challenges with a much more flexible network.

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