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Cisco Wi-Fi 6: more throughput, more Capacity, less Latency

Cisco Wi-Fi 6 wireless systems

Wi-Fi 6 is without a doubt the technology for wireless connections with the greatest impact in recent years!

The 6th generation of Wi-Fi is prepared not only to offer better performance, but is also more than proven in complex scenarios that require high bandwidth.

Wi-Fi 6 also called “802.11 ac” or “AX WiFi” was born to provide a solution to the multiplicity of wireless connections. For example, in many homes there is more than one device that needs wireless connections. It is at this point that a Wi-Fi 6 router becomes necessary, achieving 4 times more capacity for devices, higher data speed and greater stability, more bandwidth on a wider channel and less latency.

But Wi-Fi 6 has not only proven its efficiency in home environments. This technology is currently preferred by many organizations (especially in venues such as stadiums, conference facilities, shopping malls, etc.) for indoor business networks, ideal especially for providing better access to a large number of users.

Cisco Wi-Fi 6 wireless systems

Cisco, has one of the best Wi-Fi 6 systems on the market with a wide range of wireless solutions, including access points and Wi-Fi 6 controllers for automation capabilities and policy-based warranties.

Extra reasons to choose Cisco Wi-Fi 6 systems

More reliable Wi-Fi: You will certainly get a more consistent and dependable network connection for a seamless experience for customers, Internet of Things (IoT) and all applications, especially voice and video.

Improved features: It improves battery efficiency in smartphones, tablets and IoT devices. Its improved Wi-Fi coverage and support for 2.4GHz make Wi-Fi 6 ideal for IoT devices.

Increase your network capacity: As wireless demands increase and include more IoT devices, Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) handles more data across the airways than previous Wi-Fi standards. It also handles more active clients per access point.

Boost speed and bandwidth: Wi-Fi 6 achieves speeds up to 4 times faster than previous Wi-Fi standards, improving the user experience and performance of bandwidth-hungry apps like voice, video and collaboration.

Improves 2.4 GHz band: The last update for 2.4 GHz was 10 years ago. Wi-Fi 6 brings new improvements to the 2.4 GHz band that make your wireless connection work better with IoT devices that require more energy efficiency and better Wi-Fi coverage.

Cisco has several products that use sixth-generation Wi-Fi, including Cisco Catalyst access points and wireless controllers. You can now take off for better wireless browsing experiences with Cisco Wi-Fi 6 products, which are enabled to better address the demands of your wireless applications. 

Power your mobile experiences with faster application speeds and more device, and IoT capacity for high-density environments.

Cisco has one of the best systems for addressing wireless signal deficiencies in complex locations and Globenet International Corp knows how to help you.

Our company has a certified partnership with Cisco, so we can help you with installation and also provide highly qualified system administration, maintenance, and after-sales support.

Remember that you can contact us 24 hours a day, seven days a week!