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Some challenges of the B2C model that you should know this 2018

Maintaining competitiveness in a constantly changing market is increasingly difficult.

Which Converse shoe will fit me best?  That is one of the most frequent questions that customers of the popular footwear brand ask themselves.  Therefore, the American company launched an application with augmented reality technology where you can place your foot and see how a certain model would be in you.  Converse has simply responded to the main challenge that many companies are having in terms of B2C business (Business to Consumer): Give customers a unique and different experience from what your competition does. 

In the era of Big Data, companies with B2C models must be very clear that in order not to lose customers they must dedicate hours to researching their needs.  In the past, companies only had some information about the interests of their customers, but that changed in the e-commerce era. Now more than ever you can know what your consumers think.  The challenge is only to translate all that information and purchase experiences.  Globenet International offers you these tips to face the challenges of B2C in 2018.  Pay attention!

  • Try not to lose the trust of your customers: Online purchases offer the customer a more simplified way to make their purchases. But in an environment where there is a lot of competition, buyers will always be attracted by the special offers and discounts of the sector. Try not to lose that concept and incorporate value-added services such as discounts, gifts, seasonal offers, raffles, promotions.  We are in a world where customers have multiple ways to do their shopping.  So take advantage of that omnichannel and exploit to the maximum your social networks, web platforms, online stores and marketing strategies and projections in e-marketplaces to make your clients more loyal.
  • Always invest in your traffic: Knowing how customers are behaving and their interaction with offers is vital to always rethink your marketing actions. You do not have to pay large sums, first think of hiring a SEO consultant to evaluate your strategies and even to propose new formulas. You cannot turn your back on what your website’s metrics are saying, so you will know what to improve and, above all, how to study your clients on the basis of key aspects such as the biggest peaks and sales schedules, the product that is most often sold, the type of public that chooses your services, etc.
  • Improve the navigation and shopping experience: Always try to live to improve your customers’ experience. It will not help to have a big business if you do not facilitate the accessibility and the purchase times to your consumers. For this, always monitor the loading speed of your website.  Google is responding harshly to those sites whose loading time is slow.  As of your shopping experiences, think that in an environment as competitive as the e-marketplace, customers need more information about what they are going to buy.  So, offering them all the possible information such as the details of their manufacturing, materials, origin, and transport policies.  The more data, the easier it will be to influence their purchasing decisions.

Maintaining competitiveness in a constantly changing market is increasingly difficult.  Success will always be in improving the experiences of your clients to gain their trust.  As a company, focus on simplifying purchasing processes, optimizing payment solutions and relationships with your customers, this way everything will go smoothly…

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