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How to face the challenges of B2B Marketing?

Having a good control of the relationships with your customers in B2B will allow you to have a better business planning.

No one can deny that to have sales and customer loyalty in a B2B business model we have to resort to much more complex interaction tools than in a B2C model, where customers are attracted with large investments in advertising, sales teams and accounts in social networks.

Oracle, Microsoft, Intel, Boeing and Cisco Systems, just to mention a few examples, operate in B2B environments and have managed to stay connected in an appropriate way to the commercial world.

How do they do it? It is simple. All these large companies are implementing strategic marketing and sales processes according to the types of customers under efficient models of value creation. As for the B2B model, success is in trying to exploit the potential of the new digital environment in order to quickly adapt to consumer demands and to learn to compete in an increasingly changing environment where you always need to implement different strategies to generate thoughts and actions in our customers.

Think about it… having a good control of the relationships with your customers in B2B will allow you to have better planning and business growth. In our blog, we give you some keys that can help you overcome the challenges of B2B Marketing:

  1. Make your clients come to you: You have to work hard on this, but the main task will be to concentrate on who could be your potential clients and what their needs are. Studying the market always brings advantages and if you decide to implement SEO strategies to visualize your business will be even better.
  2. Look for a CRM now: In a B2B environment, the best way to follow up with your clients and be updated about them is by using a customer management platform. If you do not have a CRM installed, you should start thinking about installing it. You will not regret, you will have constant connection and record of the information regarding your clients’ activity. Remember that every marketing action with these contact points can lead to future sales.
  3. Attract the right people: To achieve this goal you will have to think about having an impact on the right people through a good content marketing. You may get in contact with the sales department which could help you know how to deal with your customers’ needs. Before capturing a lead, personalize your contact and work hard to ensure that it does not leave you and that it better comes back to you.
  4. Always assess your actions: Measure what we have achieved with Content Marketing, assess Social Media actions of the contacts gained or lost in a CRM. Studying all that is a good way to know if your sales are having an impact. Focus on a key performance indicator to measure the economic return. This way you will know how far or near you are to develop in the future.

Remember that to develop and optimize online sales in B2B you can also use a good email marketing campaign, have a strong presence in social networks and also try to be present in third party events. Capturing and retaining customers in B2B environments has its secrets too. What do you think about this?

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