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¡Breaking News! Aruba launches the first Intelligent Cloud Computing Platform

Aruba ESP, the first intelligent Cloud Computing platform

From now on, the handling of wireless networks will undoubtedly be much faster and more effective thanks to a revolutionary platform that Aruba Network has just launched, driven by the Artificial Intelligence (AI). It is called Aruba ESP and has been presented as the first native platform in the Cloud, designed to automate, unify and secure Edge. So we can say that:

A new era has just begun in which Al-driven predictive networks will increasingly dominate data centers!

Aruba ESP is born precisely to give solution to an old need: to implement more agile, autonomous and safer measures against the global exponential growth of accesses.

The first intelligent Cloud Computing platform has arrived not only to make it easier to connect, protect and analyze data in-depth, but also to enable your organization to accelerate its transformation and, to the same extent, foster a new class of applications and workloads.

This IA-based Cloud Computing platform has also been called the sixth sense of networking, precisely because of its amazing data processing and analytic capabilities, to optimize management ideas like never before without the need for manual intervention.

How can we benefit from the intelligence capabilities of Aruba ESP? 

Through a continuous analysis of the network, the platform allows to proactively identify events in advance, identify unknown devices in the network and make recommendations for their resolution and adjust the network to avoid problems before they occur.

What distinguishes and makes this new intelligent Cloud Computing platform superior?

 As its creators have said, Aruba ESP is the industry’s most scalable native Cloud platform that provides complete management and operation for wired, wireless and SD-WAN environments for all types of data centers, branch offices and remote work environments. It is based on open standards and enables integration with a wide variety of third-party solutions and services.


Unified infrastructure for better management

Thanks to the powerful capabilities of analysis of large volumes of data, the platform is able to provide more simplified daily management operations from a single control panel, leading to zero need to use various management tools to analyze and relate so much information. Using the artificial intelligence, Aruba ESP will make you have access to multiple dimensions of the information with the corresponding decision making to avoid failures before they occur.

Reduce problem solving time

Aruba Network is already one of the most experienced manufacturers in the use of artificial intelligence-based solutions. Therefore, Aruba ESP already has all the analytical and intelligence capabilities to process millions of devices with their corresponding millions of data sets, allowing you to quickly identify any issues on the Network. It is based on the Natural Language procedure which helps IT teams to contextualize all the information about the Network in order to solve a problem quickly.

 Granular visibility

Aruba has worked hard to improve the user experience through UserExperienceInsig. To achieve this, Aruba ESP provides granular visibility into applications, devices and the network so that more device, application and network performance issues can be identified.

Are you ready to take off for higher speed levels with ESP?

If you want to learn more about the first intelligent Cloud Computing platform, we invite you to watch this video.

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