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Blue Coat ProxySG: Security and WAN optimization in a single device

Blue Coat ProxySG

There is a reality and many IT administrators know this: Not a few web gateway products are prepared to offer both stronger security and faster application performance at the same time.
That has been precisely the key point so that many users in the world are inclined by the Blue Coat ProxySG S400 and S500 families since they are today the most secure scalable proxy platforms to protect your web communications and accelerate business applications at the same time.

 The ProxySG are armed with robust capabilities to protect your company from the growing sophistication of web traffic threats. User authentication, web filtering, data loss prevention, visibility of SSL-encrypted traffic, content caching, bandwidth management and stream-splitting are among those capabilities that characterize it.

 You already know what makes the products of the Blue Coat ProxySG families distinctive, but now we are going to know their characteristics and potentialities:

 These devices are small in design but very robust in terms of security. In addition, the ProxySG rarely needs attention or patches. Health checks and monitoring provide administrators awareness, and Symantec Management Center enables centralized devices, license and policy management. Among users and their interactions with the Internet, the ProxySG inspects the content to identify malicious payloads and then filters, strips, blocks or replaces the web content to mitigate the risks and prevent data loss.

Negative defense against threats

Blue Coat’s global cloud-based intelligence network provides valuable and up-to-date information about the risks to analytics engines in order to accelerate responses to web-based threats. Blue Coat adds additional defenses to the Global Intelligence Network to scale the depth of protection, as needed.


Integration with advanced protection against threats

ProxySG works seamlessly with advanced technologies, including antimalware, antivirus (AV), blacklist and whitelist engines of various providers, as well as static code analysis. They can even securely enable data loss prevention with certified DLP partners through S-ICAP or standard ICAP.

 Accelerated performance of cloud applications

The ProxySG provides content caching and traffic optimization to ensure that your critical applications in the cloud are there when users need them.

Globenet International Corp, with more than 17 years offering technology solutions, is also a certified Blue Coat partner, so we can help you find that network security device you need, with attractive prices and multiple guarantees.

 Look at the products of the Blue Coat ProxySG S400 and S500 family that we offer in our store. 

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