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Blue Coat CacheFlow: Scalable solution for load balancing

Blue Coat CacheFlow 5000 load balancing device

Whenever we visit a website, whatever it is, we expect it to load as quickly as possible, because no user likes to delay accessing what they are looking for. But maintaining the availability of a website today in the midst of the constant demands of massive Internet use has become a real challenge.

That’s why the use of load balancing devices to handle traffic peaks during periods of high demand is becoming increasingly prevalent, and ultimately they help reduce the risk of failure. Remember that an overloaded server is detrimental to any of your web objectives.

The most direct method of scaling an application server’s infrastructure remains the Load Balancing procedure, which will distribute traffic across multiple servers to reduce response times. In this way, the data flow from an overloaded server will be automatically transferred to a faster one, through different methods to optimize application availability and avoid drastic traffic drops.

What is the Blue Coat CacheFlow 5000?

Blue Coat has a high-performance solution for load balancing which will help you save significantly on bandwidth. Its name is Blue Coat CacheFlow 5000, a web catching solution designed to reduce bandwidth and accelerate the delivery of multimedia content. CacheFlow uses advanced storage catching technology to accelerate online video delivery, large files and other Web 2.0 contents. You can also access integrated tools for reporting and filtering web traffic.

Why choose Blue Coat CacheFlow 5000?

Bandwidth costs continue to rise, but with Blue Coat CacheFlow 5000 you’ll eliminate that costly problem and increase traffic performance to meet the growing web demands of using Cloud applications and mobile services.

Blue Coat CacheFlow uses CachePulse technology to adapt to the ever-changing nature of web content delivery. As new sites and new caching rules emerge, this technology is able to track those changes to automatically optimize request delivery.

The Blue Coat CacheFlow appliance easily scales to support more users and higher traffic volumes over time, and provides integrated web traffic filtering and reporting tools.

How does CacheFlow significantly reduce bandwidth consumption?

 CacheFlow appliances use web caching technology to save bandwidth on expensive international links and backhaul traffic. This reduces costly bandwidth usage while improving the user experience, enabling better access to next-generation services, and best of all, leveraging existing infrastructure.

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