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Axis Perimeter Defender: High-precision technology for video surveillance

Axis Perimeter Defender

If you do not want surprises regarding the protection of your organization, you certainly have security cameras installed in the entire perimeter of your facilities. But … does your company have a scalable system that really allows highly accurate detection?

What do we mean? Well, if your company’s security is important to you, you should think of a system that guarantees continuous detection coverage to be able to track and get closer views of the objects. After all, you never know the creative ways intruders can use…

If you have not thought about it, this is the time. Even if you already know the subject and need some guidance to optimize your systems, we recommend AXIS Perimeter Defender, a high-reliability system of thermal cameras and radars that has been approved for institutional use by the CPNI in the United Kingdom, the national technical authority of that region for the security advice of physical and personal protection.

AXIS Perimeter Defender joins the powerful Axis network cameras and the video analytics application to provide you with a highly effective system that automatically detects and responds to people and vehicles intruding on your property to a distance of up to 7 meters.

 The system uses a three-dimensional representation of the scene to enable highly accurate detection, and as it can classify people and vehicles, you can decide whether you want to detect only people, or vehicles, or both.

Axis Perimeter Defender

High-precision intelligent system: AXIS Perimeter Defender minimizes false alarms in different ways. At least one day after installation, the application automatically learns the difference between “day” and “night” and uses this information to fine-tune of the algorithm in order the get the optimal performance. It automatically handles variable illumination and disregards motion that are not from humans or vehicles, such as swaying vegetation.

 Scalable: AXIS Perimeter Defender is a scalable analytics application that can be embedded in as many network cameras or video encoders as necessary. The application analyzes the video to detect alarm events directly on the network camera or the video encoder.

 PTZ Autotracking: With the additional purchase of an AXIS Perimeter Defender PTZ Autotracking license, a fixed camera running AXIS Perimeter Defender can automatically take control of a PTZ camera to activate the zoom and track alarm objects in the detection area of the fixed camera.

Axis Perimeter Defender System

Then the fixed camera sends the location data of the alarm objects to the PTZ camera, thus controlling the orientation and zoom level of the PTZ camera. This functionality allows you to maintain continuous detection coverage of a scene with a fixed visual or thermal camera, while retaining the ability to track and get closer views of objects.

 You do not have to worry about complexities, the installation program of AXIS Perimeter Defender allows you to connect and configure multiple cameras simultaneously through a single interface and from one location.

 If you need advice and the best installation service for this Axis Perimeter Control system, you can immediately contact Globenet International Corp. We are distributing partners of Axis Communications, so we not only offer guarantees of a good product, but also reliability, management experience, freedom of choice, optimization and customized technical support.

If you need an immediate contact you can call us to (+1) 305 513 0323, or you can write us to sales@globenetcorp.com, if you prefer. Remember that you can contact us 24 hours a day, seven days a week!

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