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Avocent Switches: Advantages for your DataCenter

It is not very common in modern Data Centers to do without the advantages of a switch. These interconnection devices make it possible to connect multiple devices together to create a network and, above all, they offer the great advantage that the bandwidth is not divided by the number of computers.

Without a doubt, a switch can simplify operations, reduce network costs and improve network performance and LAN security.

So far we are clear on the advantages of these interconnection devices, but how to do when you need to control several computers from a single set of peripherals?

Avocent SwitchView is the perfect combination of space-saving, efficient and cost-effective switching for the multi-system user.

Avocent, which is headquartered in Alabama and specializes in the manufacture of KVM switches, serial consoles, and IT infrastructure products, has a range of feature-rich switches in its product portfolio:

Switches that incorporate on-screen display with the OSD model, desktop and monitor stand flexibility with the DT model, maximum security switching with the SC model, and true multi-platform support with the desktop with the MP model.

ALT: Avocent switches

You can increase productivity with simple and fast access to systems and peripherals. The advantages are clear:

  • True image reproduction and viewing flexibility with support for ultra HD systems and mobile devices.
  • Reduced costs with fewer peripheral purchases and easier IT.
  • The avocent SV 300 desktop KVM switches provided streamlined connectivity and control of today’s multimedia desktops.
  • Advanced video support, including DVI-I, HDMI, DP and support for resolutions up to UHD 4K, ensures that image quality is highly accurate and video is played back with the highest definition possible.
  • Managed copy and paste function allows content to be copied from one system to another. Copy and paste can be managed with built-in controls to specify what can be copied, such as allowing a user to copy numbers only in a specific format. Multiple USB ports enable easy connectivity to external USB devices, quick data transfer and high speed charging of mobile devices.
  • Mobile high-definition link enables viewing of media from mobile devices on connected HDMI monitors. Independent audio and USB switching allows users to freeze audio and USB 3.0 peripherals at the same time working on a different system.

These solutions can be very useful for your data center, but if you prefer, you can take a look at the switching solutions available in our online store.

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