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Automate and improve cloud visibility: Arista CloudVision

Arista CloudVision’s automated virtual network operations

You know it better than anyone else! Network monitoring and manual management traditional approaches, with their corresponding software updates and configuration changes, are time-consuming and prone to human operational error.

That is why more and more Cloud-based networks and new software approaches to automated virtual network operations are gaining millions of followers worldwide. Cloud computing principles have substantially simplified the growing challenges in network operations and improved problem solving with the execution of real-time solutions.

Because we know that the network plays a critical role in your IT operations, we tell you today on our blog about a software solution that has set the standard for managing and automating virtualized networks. A virtual option if you want to improve visibility and reduce management time in order to achieve the efficiency you need so much.

Arista CloudVision’s automated virtual network operations

Arista CloudVision 

Arista Networks, the popular U.S. manufacturer of networking equipment and software-defined networking solutions (SDNs), has designed Arista CloudVision, a software product that works as a virtual or physical appliance, to manage its networks in the Cloud. CloudVision is a single management plane across data center, hybrid cloud, and even campus, helping to break down traditional box-based network silo’s. In addition, it provides analytics, centralized provisioning, end-to-end topology views, automation capabilities, APIs and transmission telemetry.

How does Arista CloudVision manage to simplify and optimize the management of virtualized networks?

Advanced management software: With a single operating system across platforms and use-cases, Arista EOS (Extensible Operating System) dramatically simplifies the complexity of management operations. Built from the ground-up as a programmable software platform, EOS has established itself from the beginning as a preferred platform for software integration.

Constant monitoring and analysis over the network: In order to provide a network-wide aggregate view, the CloudVision’s Analytics Engine serves as a backend repository to collect and process the state data. The Analytics engine performs a variety of data analysis including state correlation, event generation, trend monitoring, anomaly detection and other state analytics.

Real-time telemetry: This is one of the most popular advanced capabilities in Arista CloudVision. With NetDB, Arista EOS devices store all real-time state in one common database and then aggregate that state from all devices into a network-wide view. By collecting every state change on the network, Arista customers have access to real-time network views in one place with a very high level of granularity. On the backend, a scalable state repository built on open-source HBase runs an analytics engine to track trends, correlate data across devices and layers, and detect anomalies.

Ability to configure and receive alerts for generated events: Users can get alerted via email, common chat-based services such as Slack or HipChat and PagerDuty applications. Webhooks are available for custom alerting and monitoring needs that can help integrate alerts into existing monitoring and incident management systems like centralized log servers, ServiceNow or any web server-based application that can accept HTTP POST notification.

Arista CloudVision has a customizable rules engine for creating customer-specific network compliance rules and associated events. It has the ability to extract SNMP data from devices such as firewalls, switches, routers, etc. CloudVision network management software can help you substantially improve and optimize your virtualized network workloads.

Globenet International Corp can not only provide you with the product but also the full service of logistics, installation, support and training if required. Arista Networks is one of our providers so we also have the expert staff to advise you on any issues.

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