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Accelerate Workflows in the Cloud: Egnyte and its SaaS platform

Egnyte and its SaaS platform

Modern work dynamics have changed substantially. From offices full of paperwork and staff everywhere, many organizations have moved to large headquarters but online, with all their resources and their workforce from the Internet!

But the greater the dynamics of work on the Internet, greater flows of information and also greater expansion of content and business resources that, if not well managed, can affect productivity and impact on the security of organizations.

Solving these challenges has become the focus of Egnyte, a California-based software company, which through its SaaS platform allows companies to have better synchronization and exchange of business files, as well as content and data governance for business customers.

The Egnyte Cloud platform also offers storage, collaboration and sharing capabilities through a cloud infrastructure, and users can access files from both local and cloud environments.

Lets look at some goals you can achieve with the Egnyte content services platform:

Cloud flexibility with local performance: Designed for the company, Egnyte’s architecture can be flexed to meet the business needs, regardless of whether the files are stored in the cloud, on the premises or both. It can enhance business agility and cost efficiency, increase security, eliminate vendor lock-in, and maintain data regulation compliance.

Leverage Public Clouds: Storing, archiving, or accessing content from one or more of the public clouds (including AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud) can be easier than ever. Egnyte’s public cloud integrations provide you with maximum fexibility, control and ease of use. You can even create workflows that synchronize your Egnyte content to and from different clouds for processing and analysis.

HybridCloud Access and Storage: Egnyte HybridCloud is an easy-to-use, integrated solution that enables secure file access, sharing and storage from anywhere, with any device. Whether employees are in the office or on the road, Egnyte offers a full range of file access capabilities to satisfy any need. Regarding web access, Egnyte provides secure and easy access to files using any standard web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Chrome). Through the Egnyte web browser interface, users have access to a wide range of features such as collaboration, content management, file sharing and backup.

Synchronization of subfolders and permissions:  Egnyte is the first and only cloud storage provider to offer file synchronization and permission controls down to the subfolder level. Users can select folders and subfolders in their Egnyte account to synchronize locally. Only files relevant to the chosen subfolders will be downloaded and synchronized. This gives users more control over storage and bandwidth usage.

Unlimited storage capacity: Egnyte service is available with 150 GB, 1 TB or 3 TB of online reference storage. Additional storage can be added to accounts at any time via the account settings page.

Content-rich workflow management: Egnyte integrates with all popular collaboration, workflow, CRM, and security tools so you can continue to work seamlessly.

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