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4G for companies, how to use it better?

It is possible with 4G to increase the performance of applications and download speed of your mobile

Having 4G technology means increased speeds and access to the Internet on your smartphone. These are the advantages and benefits for everyone who knows about fourth generation connections. However, many users still wonder why it is necessary to increase the phone speed, if in practice a laptop or a desktop computer are more commonly used for downloading files.

If you thought about it this way, it is because you are not the type of user who needs mobility, or makes heavy use of data. Entrepreneurs can greatly benefit from 4G technology, GlobeNet International explains why.

There are many professionals who need video conferencing, access to databases and information about their business, and use the facilities of mobile telephony.

Even a 2.0 user with telework can see the difference between 4G and previous technologies.

What does it mean to have a 4G connection in our smartphones?

4G systems refer to the fourth generation technologies of high-speed mobile telephony, offering an average Internet connection of 100 Mbps.


 Fourth generation connections are based on LTE (Long Term Evolution) technologies. This is the standard on which wireless high-speed networks are supported. LTE systems enable a 4G network to achieve high speeds.

Faster upload and download speeds for software applications

It will no longer be difficult to download applications, not to mention the considerable reduction in failure rate on calls. It will also be possible for you to enjoy high definition for streaming services of music, radio and video.

The main difference of this system with regard to 2G and 3G generations is the ability to provide greater access speeds of 100 Mbit/s in motion and 1 Gbit/s at rest, with high quality.

4G connections allow for more stable and faster download or upload of data. Thus, corporate users can perform the same task quicker.

Ability to adapt

 4G is compatible with VPNs and some other access technologies, so it does not affect traditional working dynamics. It also allows for faster access to hosted cloud services

The big difference between the 4G and previous technologies is its ability to use IP protocol. This allows for the carrying out of effective digital data communication, functionally classified in the network layer of the OSI model.

If you still have doubts, watch this demo

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