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3 tools for teleworking that will increase your business productivity

Since the beginning of the confinement measures due to the Coronavirus pandemic, telecommuting went from being an alternative option to become a necessity. And at least it seems that it will continue to be so in the coming months, since working from home has been the best way to maintain productivity and avoid greater risks of contagion.

This has undoubtedly brought substantial changes in the workplace where many companies have had to reorganize routines and establish different mechanisms for exchanges with suppliers, employees, partners or customers.

Various online tools that facilitate many of these operations and work routines have played an important role along this way to achieve business productivity through teleworking.

Here we list 3 tools that can offer you agility, efficiency and organization in your telework routines:

Advantages of Trello for telecommuting


This program allows you to organize projects. It basically works as a whiteboard with different cards on which you can place images, deadlines, lists of tasks, labels separated by color and comments associated with each task. This application allows you to add priorities, comments, time limits and even warnings, as it has a real-time notification system that informs you every time of a change or update made to one of your projects. You can use this tool either in its desktop version or in a version for smart devices.

Ventajas del uso de CRM para teletrabajar.


A CRM or customer relationship management is an essential tool for sales managers and sales executives. With it you have all the information to organize your sales and also to better study the needs of your customers. This way you will have in the same platform all the information you need such as, for example, the fiscal data of a customer and the sector to which he/she belongs, the products contracted, the recurring amount to be invoiced or more personal information. It is a very convenient service that, being hosted in the cloud, allows you to access these resources from anywhere and on any device.

From a CRM it is much easier to record and control all phases of the sale of a product or service, from the moment you try to capture needs to the process of negotiation and sale closing. In addition, at a business strategy level, it represents a great ally to control productivity or to see which products or services are selling better. Teleworkers have the possibility of consulting values, statistics and results as well as the weak and strong points of sales campaigns and other strategies in real time.

Advantages of the Teams tool for telecommuting


With this tool that leverages the entire Office 365 cloud ecosystem you can easily conduct chats, calls, meetings and collaborative activities. Teams has become one of the most used alternatives to exchange remotely reducing the use of emails to a minimum. From Teams you can, for example, attach an Excel or Word document to be reviewed by your boss, hold meetings from anywhere or switch to a group chat or video conference at the touch of a button.   

Any of these tools can be your great ally. Organize your remote work in a more secure and automatic way!

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